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9740Re: [TwinCLinG] Re: Network configuration in linux for cable connections

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  • Raghuram Vijapurapu
    Feb 4, 2003
      Sitaram Chamarty wrote:

      >On 05-Feb-2003 8:17 AM, Raghuram Vijapurapu wrote:
      >>A Class C Network is a private network, you would find 1000's of offices
      >>using similar ip address scheme.
      >Sorry, but this is not right. There are three sets of private IPs
      >defined in RFC1918:
      > - (10/8 prefix)
      > - (172.16/12 prefix)
      > - (192.168/16 prefix)
      >As you can see, the first is class A, the last is class B, and the one
      >in the middle can be considered 16 class B's if you have to think in
      >terms of classes.
      >So if your IP address is one of these you definitely *cannot* be seen
      >from outside your cable providers network.
      >...which still doesnt mean the converse is true, but that's another
      >story and I have work to do :-)
      If you read my message more closely, I did mention "Private Network"


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