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  • h.godavari
    Dec 26, 2010
      satyaakam goswami wrote:
      > On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 8:18 AM, h.godavari <h.godavari@...
      > <mailto:h.godavari%40shaw.ca>> wrote:
      > > What is involved in producing a Linux version running in a system with
      > > 32 MB of RAM and 500MB of harddisk space? There are a couple of distros
      > > (Luit Linux & Feather but they do have some limitations apart from being
      > > discontinued). Anybody game ?
      > >
      > go for vector linux , you have not mentioned what is the processor ? i was
      > able to crank one old 386 with 16MB Ram way back in 2002-2003.
      > -Satya
      > Thanks for your suggestion Vector has grown considerably since the
      > early days bot in physical size and system requirements.
      I am trying to resurrect an AMD 486/33 on a Chicone MoBo .It uses 30
      pin FP RAM in 8 slots. I have only 4MB pieces.(Most of the 486s that I
      saw came with 8MB RAM) The mother board does not recognise HDs larger
      then 500MB.I use EasyDrive overlay (The HD is an 850MB Maxtor).

      These old machines do serve adequately the needs of a large number of
      people yet , they (the machines and sometimes even people) are causually
      discarded because more is available for less ( I paid $500.00 for a 30MB
      RLLed Microscience hard drive and yesterday 1.0TB haddrive is on sale
      for $59.00!).

      I was hoping some ILUGHYD members might want to use their talent to
      produce a small (physically & in SYS Req) and resusticate those oldsters.

      May be there should be a minor competition :-)

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