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16692Re: [TwinCLinG] Re: Minutes of the meet [April 2005]

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  • suman
    May 1, 2005

      >The talk was good. But there were lot of comparisons and doubts which
      >could have been minimized. It was around 3 hours session for ruby.
      Being the moderator the session and one of the guys who stopped the
      presentation often i would take this as a feedback. But lately this was
      one of the talks i enjoyed the most.I know it was annoying to many
      others who would have kicked me if i were not the moderator.

      >The content could have been delivered in 1 hour. More than 50 per cent
      >of the time there was deviation from the core topic ruby. There was
      >more of Java, perl, python comparison than realy ruby. It is not the
      >falt of the presenter.
      I understand that comparisions are bad but when teaching a language to a
      group of programmers that how it is . It is always a war. Also LUG is
      more of an informal session and i feel that people learn more from the
      discussion rather than the presentation (atleast thats true in my case)
      . Also if one just wants a presentation he could just open the manual
      and read it. but its people's experiences that really matter and thats
      where the quality comes in.
      IMHO,Its worthless for Premshree to come here to give that presentation
      had there been no discussions.

      But you are right, quality can be achieved in a more organised way.

      >I feel it is best to keep the comments, doubts etc to the end or to
      >the mailing list rather than during the talk. It would be very good if
      >the doubts are jotted down and passed to the presenter at the end of
      >the talk.
      Thats a nice suggestion but i havent seen it working for me. But a bit
      of dicsussion is always welcome as to how it should be in future meets.
      I will abide by it and ensure that everyone does.

      >And about the ppt slides: The fonts of code need to be bigger and bold
      >. Most people make a mistake at this point. All the slides will be
      >good, the code will be ultra small for anybody to read .
      This is the point that should be raised at a point when the code is too
      small to read by anyone

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