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16690Re: Minutes of the meet [April 2005]

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  • Herald
    May 1, 2005
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      --- In ilughyd@yahoogroups.com, "yraghuveer" <yraghuveer@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Luggers
      > Welcome to yet another meet update.
      > The meet this month started of with the customary introduction,we
      > had Arjun Mukherjee[Virtusa] join us after a long time.
      > On behalf of ILUGHYD i welcome all the newbies/new members.
      > The 'Ken Thompson'room was full and we had people standing ;),nice
      > see that more and more hyderabadies into opensource,we even had a
      > bunch of MAC guys and also from FSF Hyderabad!!! hey do i see a new
      > trend? ;)
      > This months talk was by Premshree from Yahoo! bangalore on RUBY!
      > He started off with the basic's of Ruby along with a brief history
      > ruby [created/developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto ("Matz")],then went
      > ahead with some coding to show how simple yet powerfull Ruby is.The
      > obvious comparisions with Python and Perl was also there. ;)
      > Then we had the usual chai-pani break.

      The talk was good. But there were lot of comparisons and doubts which
      could have been minimized. It was around 3 hours session for ruby.

      The content could have been delivered in 1 hour. More than 50 per cent
      of the time there was deviation from the core topic ruby. There was
      more of Java, perl, python comparison than realy ruby. It is not the
      falt of the presenter.

      I feel it is best to keep the comments, doubts etc to the end or to
      the mailing list rather than during the talk. It would be very good if
      the doubts are jotted down and passed to the presenter at the end of
      the talk.

      And about the ppt slides: The fonts of code need to be bigger and bold
      . Most people make a mistake at this point. All the slides will be
      good, the code will be ultra small for anybody to read .

      Herald D'Sa.
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