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16688Minutes of the meet [April 2005]

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  • yraghuveer
    May 1, 2005
      Hi Luggers

      Welcome to yet another meet update.

      The meet this month started of with the customary introduction,we even
      had Arjun Mukherjee[Virtusa] join us after a long time.

      On behalf of ILUGHYD i welcome all the newbies/new members.

      The 'Ken Thompson'room was full and we had people standing ;),nice to
      see that more and more hyderabadies into opensource,we even had a
      bunch of MAC guys and also from FSF Hyderabad!!! hey do i see a new
      trend? ;)

      This months talk was by Premshree from Yahoo! bangalore on RUBY!

      He started off with the basic's of Ruby along with a brief history of
      ruby [created/developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto ("Matz")],then went
      ahead with some coding to show how simple yet powerfull Ruby is.The
      obvious comparisions with Python and Perl was also there. ;)

      Then we had the usual chai-pani break.

      The next session was 'Ruby on rails' which is a web framework for
      Ruby.In this session Premshree coded a small grid appication DB being
      MYSql in 8 minutes flat [clocked] to demonstrate the power of
      Ruby,which had the audience spellbound,if this isnt awesome then i
      dont know what is!!!,we had the audience baying for more but it was
      already past 21:30 and we had to wind up for the day.For those who
      dont know he is guy who has written the Ruby API for Yahoo! Search Web

      After the meet Premshree delivered yet another yorker.He gifted the
      audience with Tee-shirts's pens and Ubuntu cd's from Yahoo!!!


      Lets RUBY,do i see Ruby coders in the making in Hyd??.

      On behalf of ILUGHYD i thank Premshree for comming exclusively to
      Hyderabad to give the talk.

      On behalf of ILUGHYD i thank Mr.Arjun Mukherjee and Mr.Ramakrishna for
      providing us with a such a decent venu.


      Raghuveer Y

      yraghuveer at yahoo dot com
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