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Training: IT Security

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  • BeePixel
    Yth, Rekan Milist Berikut Saya beritahukan Training IT Security terhandal tahun ini. Terima Kasih :) TRAINING IT SECURITY November 9-10, 2007 at Hotel Salak
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2007
      Yth, Rekan Milist

      Berikut Saya beritahukan Training IT Security terhandal tahun ini.

      Terima Kasih :)


      November 9-10, 2007 at Hotel Salak The Heritage, BOGOR

      IT Security

      Nowadays the relationship between business and Information Technology is
      hard to separate each other, especially for companies which understand
      that information is the most important factor for production and
      Therefore the management factor for that information technology is a
      very crucial element.
      Frequent crimes of stolen and elimination of information/important
      data/company secrets become the things we need to pay attention to.
      Should that occur to our company, it can be imagined how much money we
      lost. The intrusion of virus through emails and other information media
      which can destroy the data are becoming easier and the data protection
      is more vulnerable particularly for big companies.

      For financial and insurance based companies, the crimes which based on
      technology is becoming more common, such as privacy data information
      hacking from irresponsible party for ordering goods through credit card
      via internet. Account stolen or usage by illegal party, for example by
      stolen someone's username and password for accessing to network or
      conducting illegal business like credit card or ATM card fraud can occur
      anytime. That threats will result on economic loss, which can be
      significant, as well as the decrease of the trust to banks or insurance

      To anticipate this, IT Security becomes a must for company data
      protection, either general or private, which is saved in a database with
      computer as a media and based on Information Technology.

      It is better to prevent than to cure.

      What Will You Learn From This Training?

      Information Security Governance

      -Why Security Governance ( the question is not will one ever
      encounter cyber attacks but more when one will be attacked ? and
      therefore be prepared and vigilant )
      -Senior Management Commitment and need for Information Security Policies
      -Establish framework that enable information security strategies to be
      aligned with the business objectives and comply with applicable laws and
      -Understand ISO 27001/27001 , COBIT and ITIL frameworks and its
      applicability in Security Development Life Cycle and Security
      Architecture Development.
      -Group Discussion

      Risk Management

      -Why have risk management? resources, time and investment are limited
      and these have to be deployed cost effectively to manage the risks
      -Concept of threats, threat agent, channels and vulnerabilities
      -Manage information security risks in wired and wireless world
      (identify digital assets, threats(know your enemy ), vulnerabilities ,
      impacts and mitigating controls ) to achieve business objectives in
      cost effective manner.
      -Group Discussion

      Security Program Development and Management

      -Create and maintain an on-going security program. Security Governance
      is a process and requires on-going monitoring, review and changes to
      face the cyber attacks.
      -Design, develop and manage information security controls ( processes,
      technology and people)
      -Security Controls - Preventive, Detective and recovery Strategy
      -Security Controls -- defense in depth strategy ( physical, network,
      operating system , applications ( web and legacy ) and Data base )
      -Security Metrics
      -Audit of security governance and controls
      -Group Discussion

      Incident Management

      -Plan, develop and manage processes to detect, respond to and recover
      from information security incidents.
      -Group discussion

      Your Instructor is:

      RAM Marappan, is a Principal Consultant to clients which includes Bank
      Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia), Malaysia Airlines, Singapore
      Airlines, Singapore Management University and Keppel Land. He has more
      than 20 years of working experience and held senior position in IT
      Governance, Risk management, Controls, Security and Operations in Air
      Transport, Travel & Hospitality, Financial and Telecommunication sectors.

      Mr Ram holds a Bachelor of Science Honors (2nd Class Upper) from the
      University of Surrey, United Kingdom. He also has a post Graduate
      Diploma in Business Administration. He is also a Certified Information
      System Auditor (CISA) and CISSP and GIAC GSEC. Mr Ram is also on the
      ISACA International Board and was the Chairman of the program committee
      of ISACA International Conference which was held in Singapore from 23rd
      August to 25th August 2007.
      He has spoken at several conferences in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and
      includes CACS regional conference in Thailand , India , Malaysia and
      Australia and Asian Security Summit ,Hackers Hammered and Meeting the
      Challenges of Compliance in Singapore. He is also the lead trainer for
      CISA and CISM certification review classes in Asian region.


      Language : English
      Text & Handouts : English
      Venue : Hotel Salak The Heritage, BOGOR
      Date : November 9-10, 2007
      Duration : 2 days


      Two-day registration fee for all Training sessions; Quality Training
      Material (Hardcopy and Softcopy); Quality Training Kits (T-Shirt, etc);
      Convenient Training Facilities at Four Star Hotel; Refreshment and
      luncheons, Certificate of Completion, Dinner with entertainment at the
      cozy restaurant.


      -Integrated Quality Training Material (HARDCOPY AND SOFTCOPY) & Quality
      Training Kits will be delivered on registration, additional papers &
      handouts assignment by BTCO.
      -Note-taking by participants is encouraged. However, to ensure free and
      open discussions, no formal records will be kept.


      All attendees will receive a Certificate of Appreciation attesting to
      their participation in the Training. This certificate will be providing
      in exchange for a completed Training Questionnaire.

      Hotel Salak The Heritage, BOGOR, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 8 Bogor 16121

      (Exclude accommodation)

      US$ 900 net/person
      Early Bird Registration Deadline: October 7, 2007

      US$ 990 net/person
      Registration Deadline: November 2, 2007


      -Registration Form MUST be return in advance for attending the Training
      -Full fixed fee is charged regardless of the length of time that
      registrant attends the Training
      -Attendees are expected to attend all Training sessions and are not
      permitted to attend on a partial basis.


      -Cancellation received after the registration deadline, November 2, 2007
      entitles the registrant to received 25% refund.
      -Cancellation on the date will be recharged 100% from the fee
      -No refund will be issued, if a registrant fails to show up at the
      Training on-site.

      For additional course dates and locations, and registration please contact:

      Yati, Mobile Phone: +62 813 1813 5029
      Seruni, Mobile Phone:+62 817 9003 111
      Tia, Mobile Phone: +62 815 710 561O

      Office Complex 3rd Floor, Hotel Salak The Heritage, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda
      No. 8 Bogor, 16121
      Ph: +62 251 350400 ext.6789; 330153; Fax: +62 251 346940; 353314; 350800
      Email: btco@... <mailto:btco@...>
      http://www.oilgastraining.com <http://www.oilgastraining.com>

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