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Christianity and SHAMELESS SELF PROMO!

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  • Reverend_Loveshade
    WARNING: Self-promotion appears below >>Not takin that bait, pally-o! You ll have to try harder to make me proclaim my
    Message 1 of 9390 , Sep 1, 2001
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      WARNING: Self-promotion appears
      below<br><br>>>Not takin' that bait, pally-o! You'll have to try
      harder to make me proclaim my
      Christiani....<br>HEY!<<<br><br>I know you're kidding with me, but just to clarify,
      I have no problem with the teachings and practices
      of Jesus of Nazareth. I must admit I question the
      precision of recordings of what he said that were written
      down decades later (I've diagreed with friends over
      what I or they said just minutes later). And by
      background I've had years of heavy involvement in churches
      ranging from singing in choirs to writing and directing
      church plays to teaching adult Bible studies. I do not
      claim to be a Bible expert--I'm definitely not, but I'm
      not totally ignorant either. :-)<br><br>What I do
      have a problem with, and I imagine you do too, is the
      teachings and practices of some of his (supposed?)
      followers who are more interested in judgement than love.
      In my opinion, the five principles of The Loveshade
      Community are fully combatible with Jesus, but not with
      much of modern "Christianity." I'm still working on a
      Christian version of the principles, but (WARNING: Here
      comes the commercial!) you can see the generic version
      several places including
      <a href=http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/2255/philosophy.html target=new>http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/2255/philosophy.html</a> Remember, this club's Founder said "Rev ...You
      folks that think we ought to be doing more to spread
      the Discordian message are damned hippocritical
      hippopoyamouses if you don't support this man"<br><br>Now be good
      little Discordians and Do As Your Told!
    • Mikal
      ... me. I pledge my allegiance to the great Eye in the sky, One world, Under God, Invisible and ever-lucid... ... nah, that s not it. if everything is real
      Message 9390 of 9390 , Dec 14, 2011
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        --- In illuminatusinnersanctum@yahoogroups.com, prism_shards wrote:
        > Okay, fellow Illuminati, get off your elitist asses and say "hi" to
        me. I pledge my allegiance to the great Eye in the sky, One world, Under
        God, Invisible and ever-lucid...

        nah, that's not it. if everything is real Wrong is real, too.
        the principia explains.
        keep in mind: an Illuminated Mind means Newt Gingrich.



        Do these 5 pebbles REALLY form a pentagon?
        Those biased by the Aneristic Illusion would say yes. Those biased by
        the Eristic Illusion would say no. Criss-cross them and it is a star.

        An Illuminated Mind can see all of these, yet he does not insist that
        any one is really true, or that none at all is true. Stars, and
        pentagons, and disorder are all his creations and he may do with them as
        he wishes. Indeed, even so the concept of number 5.


        Newt Gingrich is "one of them," the Total Human Elimination Movement,

        the NWO, the Illuminati. (ill -- oom -- in -- not -- eye)

        being a supreme liar, he can see everything and yet not insist that any
        of it is really true, or none of it is true.

        stars and the pentagon and disorder are all what they are at "present"
        because of the subtle, pervasive influence that he

        and his fellow, uh, Luciferians, have over what people see.

        clearly, this is why Truth wrapped in Jokes are part of the legend.

        no body needs to excommunicate you,

        and it's obvious that this node is corroded anyway,but

        it was RAW who is quoted as saying before his tragic demise,

        "Nobody really understands the Discordian Society."

        you have permission to understand it now,

        but will you?

        An Elder 'Clypse

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