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What the hell ANGERS me??????

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  • spooky_grl
    What angers me??? ~*~ My sister anger me. ~*~ Ignorant christians who live in their plastic close-minded jesus bubbles anger me. ~*~ The
    Message 1 of 9390 , Aug 1, 2000
      What angers me???<br><br>~*~ My sister anger
      me.<br>~*~ Ignorant "christians" who live in their plastic
      close-minded "jesus" bubbles anger me.<br>~*~ The god-damned
      heat in Southern California angers me.<br>~*~ People
      who find "I Love Lucy" dull anger me.<br>~*~ Getting
      knocked off the computer 3 damn times while I am trying
      to post this message REALLY angers me!<br>~*~
      Feminazis anger me.<br>~*~ Little boys who consistantly
      talk about their "pee-pees" anger me.<br>~*~
      Teen-age-female-pop-singers anger me.<br>This list could go on for days...so,
      I will spare you.<br><br>What do I do when I am
      angry??<br><br>~*~ I call my sister a suckerfish and a poopy-pants
      and then....I shoot her!! <br>~*~ Well...what I
      really want to do is shoot them!<br>~*~ There is no
      escaping the damn heat here!<br>~*~ If you haven't guessed
      all ready...I shoot them!<br>Need I go
      on???<br><br>My anger stems from a dark little pit in my soul
      that harbors anger, grief, sadness, angst and
      disappointment. It is gaurded by a Faery-like creature who keeps
      watch over them and releases them into my consciousness
      when she sees fit.<br><br>Good night~~<br><br>~*~
      Kathy ** keeper of all things sinister~*~
    • Mikal
      ... me. I pledge my allegiance to the great Eye in the sky, One world, Under God, Invisible and ever-lucid... ... nah, that s not it. if everything is real
      Message 9390 of 9390 , Dec 14, 2011
        --- In illuminatusinnersanctum@yahoogroups.com, prism_shards wrote:
        > Okay, fellow Illuminati, get off your elitist asses and say "hi" to
        me. I pledge my allegiance to the great Eye in the sky, One world, Under
        God, Invisible and ever-lucid...

        nah, that's not it. if everything is real Wrong is real, too.
        the principia explains.
        keep in mind: an Illuminated Mind means Newt Gingrich.



        Do these 5 pebbles REALLY form a pentagon?
        Those biased by the Aneristic Illusion would say yes. Those biased by
        the Eristic Illusion would say no. Criss-cross them and it is a star.

        An Illuminated Mind can see all of these, yet he does not insist that
        any one is really true, or that none at all is true. Stars, and
        pentagons, and disorder are all his creations and he may do with them as
        he wishes. Indeed, even so the concept of number 5.


        Newt Gingrich is "one of them," the Total Human Elimination Movement,

        the NWO, the Illuminati. (ill -- oom -- in -- not -- eye)

        being a supreme liar, he can see everything and yet not insist that any
        of it is really true, or none of it is true.

        stars and the pentagon and disorder are all what they are at "present"
        because of the subtle, pervasive influence that he

        and his fellow, uh, Luciferians, have over what people see.

        clearly, this is why Truth wrapped in Jokes are part of the legend.

        no body needs to excommunicate you,

        and it's obvious that this node is corroded anyway,but

        it was RAW who is quoted as saying before his tragic demise,

        "Nobody really understands the Discordian Society."

        you have permission to understand it now,

        but will you?

        An Elder 'Clypse

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