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Who Drank the Last Budweiser? Chapter 2

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  • Mortie the Tard
    There is magic in a Trans Am, Redleg muttered to himself. Anybody who don t see that is a homo. He wiped a tear from his eye. Parting from his beautiful,
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      There is magic in a Trans Am," Redleg muttered to
      himself. "Anybody who don't see that is a homo."

      He wiped a tear from his eye. Parting from his
      beautiful, inflatable wife had been a trail, but he
      had muddled through. He swallowed the last few drops
      of Budweiser left in the can, crushed the empty, and
      tossed it in the trash. He opened the garage door and
      there it was.

      It was primed, ready for paint. Redleg had spent hours
      lovingly sanding the old paint job away until its
      surface was as smooth as a Florida siding salesman. He
      had puttied away all of the nicks, dents and dings.
      The interior was ready for restoration, with only a
      few tears in the upholstery. Redleg had replaced the
      brake and gas pedals with solid chrome pads resembling
      human feet. A pair of spongy dice dangled from the
      rear view mirror. He had removed the back seat to make
      room for beer. Redleg's only concession to modernity
      was a 30-watt Sony AM_FM/ CD Player. The Trans Am was
      a thing of rare beauty.

      Redleg sat in the front seat and turned the key in the
      ignition. The low, throaty hum of the 350 cubic inch
      V8 raised the tiny hairs on the back of his rosy neck.

      "Let's go, baby. I'm ready to rumble." he said.

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