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Re: Fuckin' Student Loans

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  • john_the_blasphemist
    Come to Australia - it s known as HECS (Higher Education Contibution Scheme - pronounced hex & rightly so) You get all the same fuckups with around 20%pa
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2003
      Come to Australia - it's known as HECS (Higher Education Contibution
      Scheme - pronounced 'hex' & rightly so)

      You get all the same fuckups with around 20%pa interest on top of it
      & you get to be put on hold when you try and fix any fuckups, after
      which you get transferred to someone else who also puts you on hold
      and so on and so on...

      AND here's the great part:

      if you die or are declared insane your next of kin gets to foot the

      and you thought that car loan was dodgy.

      Saint of Usury

      --- In illuminatusinnersanctum@yahoogroups.com,
      theknightthatsaysfnord <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > I, like many people my age, am making monthly student loan
      > Last month (right after I sent out my monthly check) I recieved a
      > letter from the good people at Sallie Mae, stating that they had
      > fucked up something, and for the past few years I had not been
      > enouph. They sent me a new monthly payment slips with the adjusted
      > rate. I looked on the slip for the amount due for the payment I
      > sent out, and lucky me it was the same amount (for that month. The
      > following month was more however). Fast forward to today. I
      > a letter from them stating that I had not made a payment, and that
      > needed to send them X amount (with all sorts of late fees)
      > immediately. I went back through my records, and I hadn't missed a
      > month. I have it all accounted for in my checkbook, and my monthly
      > bank statements. Needless to say I'm very pissed off. So basically
      > it's "let's fuck with Knighty" month(s) down there at Sallie Mae.
      > much you want to bet that I have to pay for thier fuck up?
      > sorry, just needed to rant,
      > -Knighty
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