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Comback Quiz .4 - No Luck Required

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  • plasmoid_dk
    This is the final installment of quiz solutions. These are the über solutions - the solutions that do not require any dice rolls that can fail. Under the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2005
      This is the final installment of quiz solutions. These are the über
      solutions - the solutions that do not require any dice rolls that
      can fail. Under the rules of the quiz, they have a 100% succes rate.
      To do this, you need cards that add LOTS of power. How? Well, this
      is Illuminati: New World Order.

      11. The Right People at the Right Time.
      A straight, conservative, violent, government, criminal group could
      get a lot of power from NWOs - but there aren't any in the game. Or
      are there?

      Groups: Ross Perot, Saddam Hussein->Dittoheads, Secret FisTemples,
      Day Care Centers.
      Plots: Attitude Mutation, NWO: Gun Control, NWO: Law and Order.

      Play Attitude Mutation for free on Saddam, making him criminal, and
      then use his token to make him a puppet of Ross Perot. Use the
      tokens of Day Care and FisTemples to move them to Saddams 2 open
      control arrows.
      These groups have a base power of 10 + Bavarias 10.
      Due to alignment borrowing and copying powers, all are straight
      conservative - so Law and Order adds +15. Saddam and his puppets are
      also violent, criminal government - so Gun Control adds +16. The
      grand total is 51.

      12. Daughter of God.
      Another big power card is Messiah. Let the SubGenii rule the earth.

      Groups: Connie, Dobbs, Church of Violentology, Reformed Church of
      Satan, False Prophets->Secret FisTemples.
      Plots: Messiah, NWO: End of the World, Grassroot Support.

      Put Grassroot Support and Messiah on Connie. Her power becomes 18.
      NWO: End of the World adds +3 to each of your 4 fanatic churches,
      putting their total power at 20. So that's 48.
      Finally, use Bavarias token to grab the True Pipe for the last 2
      points. Praise Bob.

      13. Leftist Lackeys.
      The Clipper Chip is another card that adds a lot of power with just
      a few groups.

      Groups: Al Gore, Fidel Castro, Finland, Joschka Fischer, Princess Di.
      Plots: NWO: Political Correctness, Dictatorship, Emergency Powers.

      Your base power is 17, +4 for Di's special ability.
      Use Bavarias token to take over the Clipper Chip for 8 points.
      Add in NWO: Political Correctness' 15 for a total of 44.
      Finland plays dictatorship for another 2, and Al Gore finishes off
      with Emergency Powers.

      14. Dynamic Duo
      Some groups may copy the power of specific puppets. Use that to get
      double bang for your buck.

      Groups: Saturday Morning Cartoons->Lyndon LaRouche->Trading Card
      Games, NASA, Orbit 1.
      Plots: Murphys Law, Super Nova, ?

      Start by replacing Trading Card Games with OPEC, free of charge.
      As OPEC comes into play, play Murphys Law to give them a printed
      power of 10.
      Play Super Nova with both your space actions to take over a Cyborg
      Soldiers and the Orbital Mind Control Lasers (with a token on it!)
      Use the OMCLs to make OPEC government, and link the Cyborg Soldiers
      to the violent Lyndon.
      OPEC now has power 10, Lyndon copies and doubles it (20), for a
      grand total of 45.
      Finally, play New Blood on Saturday Morning Cartoons.
      Power 50.

      15. I'm not a coaster!
      For the final shocker - Imelda Marcos puts a nasty spin on seppuku.

      Groups: Imelda Marcos, Offshore Banks, Al Gore, Saddam Hussein,
      Fidel Castro.
      Plots: Murphys Law, Arise!, Sudden European Vacation.

      Use the tokens on every group (except Imelda and Bavaria) and the
      special ability of Offshore Banks to hang all these groups off Al-
      Play Sudden European Vacation on Al Gore, to put all those groups in
      a rivals power structure. Imelda now has several government targets.

      Imelda declares an attack against any one of these government
      groups, and rolls a d6 as required by her card. Bavaria plays
      Murphys Law, making the roll a 6. This means that Imelda is
      destroyed by your rival.
      You win with Arise!

      I hope you've enjoyed the solutions.
      Some were a bit silly - but most tricks were strong enough to be the
      base of a good INWO deck.
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