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Re: Dirty Tricks (retraction)

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  • smacinwo
    ... get ... You know what? Scratch my entire post. I guess you can only discard from your hand, not your deck. It s been a long, long time...
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 8, 2005
      > but I also thought that you don't even
      > need to use Plot-burning cards (though it certainly is to your
      > advantage.) Simply discarding your Plots one at a time until you
      > to the card you need works, especially if there's any way to
      > manipulate MWOWM to guarantee it.

      You know what? Scratch my entire post. I guess you can only discard
      from your hand, not your deck. It's been a long, long time...
    • plasmoid_dk
      Hi Steve, ... Thanks. I ve actually used it to win a game. I had an x/y destroy goal on my starting hand, and after seeing my opponents leads, I decided to
      Message 2 of 7 , Jan 10, 2005
        Hi Steve,
        > I was reading your Dirty Trick candidates (pleased to see
        > one of my own, of course). One of them, Fast Forward, is great.

        Thanks. I've actually used it to win a game.
        I had an x/y destroy goal on my starting hand, and after seeing my
        opponents leads, I decided to discard it to the bottom of my deck. 3
        turns later I had completed the goal!
        So, I played nevermore, and then nevermored every single play in the
        game, burning 2 plots each time. Soon enough I reached the bottom of
        my deck, and drew my goal in the normal manner :)

        > Could you post the dirty trick candidates here?

        Hi all,
        its the new year - so here are the candidates for what might very
        well be
        the final issue of the dirty tricks.

        *Surgical Strike*
        So, you want to know everything that is in your rivals plot deck,
        and potentially cripple it at the same time? I bet you do!

        Use either Soulburner or An Offer You Can't Refuse to get a card
        draw from your rivals plot deck. Then play a Crop Circles. Nothing
        on Crop Circles specifies that it has to be played on a draw from
        your own deck, so happily browse your opponents arsenal, make note
        of any goals, and key cards, and remove something important.
        [The UFAQ hints that this trick is illegal, but no errata was ever

        *Nasty Addiction*
        International Cocaine Smugglers have an open ended +4 bonus to any
        attempt to control a personality with a drug problem. So why don't
        you create some with Media Sensation?

        Control Clone Arrangers (+4), Big Media (+4), Madison Avenue (+2)
        and International Cocaine Smugglers (+4) for a massive hidden +14
        bonus to take over a drug using media personality like, say, the
        german Top Modell.
        And once you've got her, that's an additional +4 against male media
        sensations like: Bobby Brown, Robert Downey Jr. and Mick Jagger.
        See how the affliction spreads?

        *Jinxed Gambler*
        This trick is only useful in a deck with multiple tokens on Las
        Such a deck can really hurt a rival, but it can also cost you a lot
        of plots. So play "unlucky 13" before you start rolling those dice.
        That way, your victim won't be able to draw any plots - including
        plots from _your_ deck.

        *Time Traveller*
        When you're playing the Fasces Romanum illuminati, you really don't
        want to run into Australia and it's quadroupled resistance. So, when
        setting a date for the game, make sure that you're not playing an a
        friday or saturday. Any other day will do.

        Make sure that it's an evening game, and be late if you have to.
        That way, if Australia is blocking your win, play slowly until
        midnight, when Australias resistance will drop to 12. Prepare to be
        called nasty things.

        Notice how most of the time a cancelling plot ends up being
        Well, why should both of you pay when there is no gain?
        Instead, agree to not play the 2 cancellers, and use them against a
        mutual enemy instead. If you're really clever, I can get away with
        this without actually having the tokens to power your own canceller.

        *The Blue Pill or the Red Pill*
        Here is a neat way to make a nasty attack at +20 with a single plot
        card: Drug Companies allows you to make an attack that removes an
        alignment (at +10) "following the rules for attacks to control". Now
        throw in a Schizm, which can be used with any attack against a group
        controlled by a rival.
        Suddenly your alignment nudge becomes a lethal blow to your rivals
        power structure.

        *The Erich Device*
        The Janor Device is awesome with any card that only rolls a single
        die, because it has big impact and no drawback; Cards like Bill
        Clinton, Lyndon LaRouche or Showmaster.

        However, the strongest combo for this is possibly Janor Device,
        MWOWM and Erich Honecker!
        Honecker can store up to 3 plots, getting each back on a 4+. Thats a
        3+ to you. If you fail, then the plot is discarded, and MWOWM can
        retrieve it on a 3+. Thats pretty close to an 8 card plot hand!

        *Scandalous Attitude*
        Scandal is a devastating card - if only you have the right alignment
        on a power 2+ media group. Well, play Attitude Mutation on your
        media group and you've got just what you need.

        *Hubbards Revenge*
        Seppuku is a nasty tactic, and Population Reduction lets you do it
        with very few cards in play. Unfortunately, it contains a explicit
        restriction against using World War 3. So - use Church of
        Violentology instead!
        Control 5 huge places, ATO the Church, then all you need is Apathy
        and a +10 to your places destroy themselves on the minions of L. Ron.

        *Ich Bin Ein SubGenius*
        Think that Germanys ability to store tokens is cool? Wouldn't you
        just love to have that on a group that does something neat with its
        tokens? Well, you can.

        Secret FisTemples can move its token to any SubGenius group, and
        does not stipulate that they have to be devoid of tokens. With
        Reverend Ivan Stang controllong it and the Local Clenches, you can
        have 3 tokens per turn moving through the church and onto your
        favourite SubGenius group.
        And remember, with the aid of Overman Philo Drummond and Jake day
        any group can be subgenius!

        *Fast Forward*
        Sometimes you've won, and all you need is to get to your goal.
        Usually, that's when it is the bottom card. Fast Forward through
        your deck by using mass discard abilities like Nevermore, Al-Amarja
        or Voodoo Economics - and then MWOWM and some dice manipulation to
        grab the card when it is discarded.

        If you already know the location of your goal, you don't even need
        MWOWM. Just throw away half your deck and make a normal draw at the
        right time.

        *Trojan Gees'us*
        Ever played a trojan goose deck? Basically, play Shangri-La and give
        a rival a Shangri-La and an Unmasked plot to create a friend for
        life. But why stop there?
        Dokstok is great for teamwork - just give the free illuminati token
        to your best friend.
        Then expose a Kinder and Gentler and give him Copy Shops. Now he can
        churn out one Kinder and Gentler each turn for free.

        *Crackhouse 23*
        an unlinked Immortality Serum will prevent your rivals from playing
        personalities for the entire game. Quite powerful - but sometimes
        you just want to steal something. Hide your serum in Warehouse 23,
        and your rivals won't know to not play personalities until it is too

        *Monster BBQ*
        Big Prawn is a powerhouse, but does have a devastating drawback.
        Luckily, it is one that can be turned to your advantage. When you
        need that one last token, dismantle your own Big Prawn with Deasil
        Engine or Suicide Squad - then use a Beach Party to get a free token
        (and a +5 against future disasters).

        *Dynamic Duo*
        This requires a lot of cards, but looks awesome.
        Have Lyndon LaRouche control OPEC. Use Murphys Law to make its
        printed power 10.
        Now make it government, so Lyndon copies it's power of 10.
        Finally, make them both violent and give them a cyborg soldier each.
        That's 40 power on 2 groups! With Bavaria, you got your 50 point win
        right there.
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