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Elvis Is King!

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  • Leviticus Darksyde
    He isn t dead! I saw him last week at the gas station! Praise Elvis! This is a Media/Church deck featuring Elvis as the Messiah. There are three ways to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2004
      "He isn't dead! I saw him last week at the gas station! Praise

      This is a Media/Church deck featuring Elvis as the Messiah. There
      are three ways to win with this deck, which will be explained below.

      Bermuda Triangle

      Big Media
      Cable TV
      Church of Elvis
      Empty Vee
      Las Vegas
      Madison Avenue
      Recording Industry
      Reformed Church of Satan
      Religious Reich
      TV Preachers
      Vatican City

      Hidden City
      Immortality Serum
      Orbital Mind Control Lasers
      Perpetual Motion Machine

      Alternative Goals
      Assertiveness Training
      Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat
      Celebrity Spoksesman
      Charimatic Leader
      Crop Circles
      Jake Day
      Let's Get Organized
      Media Connections
      Miracle Diet Plan
      Mistaken Identity
      Power Corrupts
      Pulitzer Prize
      Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know
      Sweeping Reforms
      Talisman of Ahrimanes
      NWO: Bigger Business (Yellow)
      GOAL: Hail Eris!
      GOAL: The Corporate Masters

      Begin Game:

      You can lead with Big Media or Madison Ave. (for the Media angle) or
      the Vatican (for the Church angle). Either way, you want Elvis out
      ASAP, because this deck is being built around him. Power him up with
      Messiah (for Power growth) and Media Connections (for the Global
      Power). Hold Celebrity Spokesman until you have Las Vegas or Hawaii
      out (this is more in keeping with the Elvis theme than anything else,
      but it works). See if you can get the Subliminals out early as well.

      Mid Game:

      As you build your Power Structure, Elvis will get more powerful with
      every Church you get out, and the Subliminals will get more powerful
      with every Media Group out. Empty Vee give Elvis another +1, and
      Hollywood also gives a +1, because Elvis is now a Media Personality.
      Break out the OMCL's because they are crucial to your end game. Also
      mandatory is the Perpetual Motion Machine, which should be hooked to

      End Game:

      There are three ways to win:

      1. The Alignment changing Plots are there for a reason. Have
      Bermuda power them up and use the OMCL's to cover any missing
      Alignments when you reach Power of 35.

      2. Link Charismatic Leader to the RC of Satan to get its Power to
      6. Jake Day Elvis to make him Weird. Break out Hail Eris! (Or is
      that Hail Elvis?)

      3. Break out NWO: Bigger Business. Any three of your Corporates
      will now count double. Expose The Corporate Masters for the win.

      NOTE: You could substitute in Privatization and play it on Elvis,
      but this is unnecessary.


      YOU MUST PROTECT ELVIS! You do not have any means of reviving him if
      he is Destroyed or Assassinated.

      Our old friend, NWO: Energy Crisis will drain your Corporate Media.
      Fortunately, you have the means to get rid of it.

      Bavaria may target the Religious Reich to preverve its Priveleged

      Watch out for any Plots that can expose/steal your Goals. You may
      want to substitute in a pair of Double-Cross, to be on the safe side.

      If anyone starts systematically destroying Groups of a particular
      Alignment, assume they have a control x, destroy y Goal.

      Suicide Squad and Deasil Engine can take out your Resources
      (particularly the OMCL's).

      Backlash can negate one (or more) of your Alignment Plots.

      "Elvis has left the building..."


      *Leviticus Darksyde*
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