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86Re: 2-player decks, playing online...

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  • neocons
    Sep 28, 2000
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      I've found that the easiest way to win in a
      two-player game is a quick-growth isolationsist game--with
      no backup or trades, it's hard to mount effective
      attacks to destroy unless you have huge bonuses for the
      attack. The best for this is Bermuda, used in conjunction
      with, say, Bill Clinton, Congressional Wives, or any
      number of Computer cards, rearranging your groups
      afterwards to increase defense and free up control arrows
      for more attacks the next turn. A Network Deck with
      lots of Computer bonuses to control is good to; a
      Bavaria (or any Illuminati with Power For Its Own Sake)
      with power boosters and NWOs is good too. For my
      money, INWO isn't very fun with only two players but, if
      experience is anything, that's what you have to play to play
      at all. Anyway, that's my two cents.
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