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558Re: [Illuminati New World Order] Looking for cards

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  • William Sides
    Jul 19, 2009
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      I am sure he means with card text in English, as opposed to German or
      Polish, which INWO was also published in.

      Bill Sides
      Atlanta, GA (where we still play INWO from time to time!)

      On 7/20/09 1:48 AM, "memphissf" <MemphisSF@...> wrote:

      > I cannot imagine anyone would object to some card trading here. Just
      > thrills my heart to see any action on this list.
      > My wife recently joined Facebook and she tells me there is a very active
      > game on there for Cthulu fans which features Illuminati as one of the
      > types of players. They are only allowing Investigators in the type of
      > players to minimize fighting between the Illuminati. She was asking me
      > about which type of Illuminati game I have -- I have them all, from the
      > early non-collectible, shirt-pocket version, through all the collectible
      > card versions, play-by-mail, GURPS, and the Deluxe card version. The
      > only ones I am missing are a few of the Assassins expansion cards for INWO.
      > I would love to get a group together, dust off the various versions and
      > play a week-end away. Have not found anyone to game with in years.
      > In any case, when you say English - do you mean US and/or UK or just UK?
      > I do have some spares and would be interested in swapping, if you have
      > some I still need, but it has been so long since I looked at my
      > collection, I lost track of what was spares and what was extras and what
      > I still need. So, let me check and get back to you on these 3, ok?
      > -- Memphis Mummer
      > illuminatinewworldorder@yahoogroups.com
      > <mailto:illuminatinewworldorder%40yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      >> > Looking for a couple cards
      >> > Posted by: "bruiser419" bruiser419@...
      >> <mailto:bruiser419%40yahoo.com> bruiser419
      >> > Date: Fri Jul 10, 2009 7:53 pm ((PDT))
      >> >
      >> > I hope this is allowed, but I'm looking for at least 1 Texas group, 1 "The
      >> Men in Black" and 1 "Perpetual Motion Machine". Any help is appreciated, adn
      >> I'm looking for English versions. Thanks.
      >> >

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