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547Re: [Illuminati New World Order] Errata for Homebrews

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  • Leviticus Darksyde
    May 8, 2006
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      --- In illuminatinewworldorder@yahoogroups.com, "phraktal snipe"
      <phraktal_snipe@...> wrote:
      > I like the idea of an A-Bomb, but the power it gives a nation seems
      a bit too much. For instance, in real life, a "3rd world country"
      (say, power of 2, normally) that gets ahold of an A-Bomb doesn't
      suddenly command the same wealth and resources as "normal" Power 6
      cards. Global Power would probably raise, as its global presence
      would become more well known (affecting sympathisers, agitators,
      etc) -but SIX seems a bit much.

      You don't like 6? How about 4?

      > Also, if used to destroy a place, that place should reflect the
      fact that even if it's not totally blown out of the game, it will
      never be the same (do to radiation poisoning). Maybe, after dropping
      the a-bomb on a place, that place is permanantly devastated?
      (assuming the initial attack succeeds).

      The attack ALWAYS succeeds. Did you not read the post?

      A Huge Place would not be totally destroyed mostly because of its
      size, and permamnently devastating a Place is out of the question for
      me in any case; it may as well be destroyed. Remember, Japan was
      not "permanently devastated" by the first A-Bomb. The only amendment
      to this I would make is any Huge Place, or a Place with a Power of 5
      or more would be only devastated. Anything less would be totally

      Anyway, it was just an idea I was kicking around.


      *Leviticus Darksyde, Lord of Shadows*
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