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544Errata for Homebrews

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  • Leviticus Darksyde
    May 1, 2006
      Donald Trump


      Power: 4 Resistance: 4

      Alignments: Straight, Corporate

      Attributes: Media, Bank

      The Donald gives a +2 for any attempt to control any Corporate, Media
      Group, or Bank. Has +6 for direct control of these Groups or any
      female Personality.

      Any Personality you own may be linked to Donald, and once linked,
      cannot be unlinked, even if captured, except by Donald.

      "You're Fired."

      By use of his action, The Donald can "fire" any Personality linked to
      him. This Personality must be discarded (and any puppets returned to
      his/her owner's hand), is not counted as destroyed for any Goals, and
      may be played again by anyone with a duplicate. The link is thus


      Atom Bomb

      Atom Bomb gives +10 on any attempt to control any Nation as long as
      it is not used (it is a powerful threat). If linked to a Nation,
      Atomic Bomb raises the Nation's Power to 6, and gives it Global Power
      equal to its regular Power.

      Alternatively, Atom Bomb can be used to automatically destroy any
      Place, except a Huge one, which is merely devastated. No die roll is
      required. However, once used, Atom Bomb must be discarded.


      Yeah, I know, it's a very powerful Resource. Use it wisely.

      *Leviticus Darksyde, Lord of Shadows*
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