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526The Deckathon is Over!

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  • plasmoid_dk
    May 26, 2005
      Hi all,
      after close to 6 years, the open Deckathon tournament is finally

      The finalists were:
      #71 Discordian Monodeck by Martin Lærkes
      #81 Snake People from Outer Space by Christian Stenner
      #86 Adepts of Khermit by Martin Lærkes

      In the final, the Discordian Monodeck went last, but still managed
      to win by turn 3.
      As for the lottery, it is being taken care of, and the winner will
      be contacted soon.

      For more interesting stats and stuff, as well as links to the 3
      decks, go to:

      Thanks for playing,