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483Re: New Decks on the Website

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  • plasmoid_dk
    Feb 14, 2005
      Hi Leviticus,
      do is you wish :)

      My feeling was simply that having 2 of every needed group _is_ this
      decks contingency plan. And, IMO, by adding another contingency
      plan, you're seriously reducing the viability of the main plan.
      But it's your call.

      >If you remove Bermuda Triangle, you have no Illuminati! What
      >were you thinking?
      Ooops. typo. It should have been the resource Hidden City.

      > I have those Yellow NWO's for that; Powerups would be just as much
      > overkill as the Resources.
      I was talking from the context that some of the power-up resources
      would be gone.

      >>Mothers March is good against disasters too.
      >You'd better explain that one. I'm not sure it can be used against
      I've checked.
      Because it can be used after the roll, it can be used against any
      attack (like WITCH). As you said, Emergency Powers is better, but I
      was just thinking about your limit on duplicates.

      Martin :)
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