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482Re: New Decks on the Website

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  • Leviticus Darksyde
    Feb 14 5:19 PM
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      --- In illuminatinewworldorder@yahoogroups.com, plasmoid_dk
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Leviticus,
      > good work on the XeroX deck. Very well done.
      > I hope you don't mind me making a few suggestions :)
      > IMO, the deck has a single problem - it's 20 card group deck. With
      > Bermuda you often need to draw a specific group to complete your
      > goal, so even though you have duplicates, 20 groups is a lot of
      > cards to go through.

      That is true. Removing the Resources by itself woudl solve that
      problem. But if you lose a Group and its duplicate, you might as
      well give up, as you won't be able to replace the Alignments (The
      Orbital Mind Control Lasers can only do so much).

      > I'd trim it like this: Go with 2 new yorks and no mafia. That's
      one extra point of power for the tight endgame.

      I deliberately put New York in as a backup. You could do it that
      way, but that would just give you one more Place to defend, and like
      you said, there is only one Holy Grail.

      > Remove OPEC. It's a neat trick, but you've used it before (more
      than once).

      You say that like it's a bad thing (LOL). Seriously, it's there for
      the backup plan, to help get to 50 for Power for Its Own Sake, should
      you need to go that way.

      > You've got plenty of ways to get those last few points of power, so
      I think that some of the resources are a bit overkill. I'd remove
      Hidden City, Bermuda Triangle, Perpetual Motion Machine and Warehouse
      23. Maybe even Holy grail, since it can't protect all 3 places?
      That frees up 5-6 plots, but your contingency plan has probably been

      The contingency plan is why the Resources are there. If you want a
      One Trick Pony, you can take them out, but then you're screwed if you
      lose a Group permanently, and you won't have enough points for the
      contingency plan, should you need to use it. The Holy Grail is there
      to protect California, leaving you one Place (Vatican City) to worry
      about. If you remove Bermuda Triangle, you have no Illuminati! What
      were you thinking?

      > A power-up for straight and/or corporate is another way of getting
      those last 3 points of power.

      I have those Yellow NWO's for that; Powerups would be just as much
      overkill as the Resources.

      > Perhaps a S&L Scam.

      Last time I checked, S&L Scam was for drawing Plots, not adding

      > Mothers March is good against disasters too.

      You'd better explain that one. I'm not sure it can be used against
      Disaters. Early Warning is more suited for that task anyway.

      > You probably have some ideas of your own as well.

      Whatever ideas I had are already in the deck.

      > Just thinking out loud. Perhaps you can use some of it.

      Sometimes it's just best to leave well enough alone.


      *Leviticus Darksyde*
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