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458[Illuminati New World Order] Comback Quiz - Basic Solutions

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  • plasmoid_dk
    Jan 3, 2005
      Hi all,
      here are solutions 1-3 for the Comeback Quiz. All of these pertain
      to the basic goal.
      There are still plenty of options out there, so feel free to give it
      a go:

      ***1: Criminal Overlords.***
      Remember that in a 4 player game the basic goal is 11, and you've
      got an illuminati + 5 groups.
      Criminal Overlords is the only doubler goal which is not affected by
      your power1-2 restriction, so with that in hand you are quite close
      to the basic goal. Combine with one of the powerful privilege cards
      and you are good to go.

      Groups: Manual Noriega, Semiconscious Liberation Army, Arms Dealers,
      Ollie North, Savings & Loans.
      Plots: Criminal Overlords, 2 x Censorship.
      Ollie and Manual can each play a Censorship to take Ronnie Reagan
      and Nancy. If one attack fails, Bavaria can use its privilege to try

      ***2: Big Slurps***
      Another way top achieve the basic goal is simply to slurp cards that
      count double.
      For that, you could use another great slurping card: Alien Abduction.

      Groups: Saucer Landing Strip->Local Clenches, LPDs, Druids, Prince
      Plots: Hail Eris, 2 x Alien Abduction
      Use the Landing Strips 2 tokens to take over Lama Ramadingdong and
      Jesus B. Then use Bavarias Privilege (w. aid from Druids) to take
      over St. Janor Hypercleats. Move LPDs as a puppet of St. Janor to
      give him power 3. With Hail Eris, you're at 12 groups.

      ***3: Basic Goal***
      You could also just go for the basic goal. But you'll need a lot of
      privileges and a big slurp bonus. Is it possible? With one of the
      big combos in the game, it sure is:

      Groups: NASA->England, Al Gore, Connie Dobbs->Pro Sports.
      Plots: Back to the Salt Mines, New Federal Budget, Saint of Sales.

      Link Connie to Pro Sports to give her power 5, allowing her to power
      Saint of Sales, in order to give the Black Helicopters to England.
      Using Back to the Saltmines, England now has 10+ privileged attack
      to take Canada and Italy from hand. Pro Sports and Al Gore moves
      these to unblock Englands arrows. England gets a token from NASA,
      and slurps Finland. England gets NASAs token, and slurps Finland.
      Bavaria powers a New Federal Budget to put a token on England, NASA
      and Al Gore, and Al Gore moves Finland to his second control arrow.
      Finally, England uses its new token, and then NASAs token to slurp
      up France and Germany.
      If all your 10+ rolls succeeded, you're at 11 groups.

      Martin :)
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