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426Appetite for Destruction.

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  • vivisectandrew
    Sep 19, 2004
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      hey all,

      nice to see that the INWO Support Group still exists in some form.

      since our group's interest has been rekindled, so have some old
      disputes (due to card wording, of course).

      our dispute has to do with Disasters and Destruction.
      how exactly is destruction determined? say for instance,
      since i don't have any cards in front of me at the moment,
      that my Disaster destroys if the roll "succeeds by 6 or more",
      the target is destroyed. and as such, say the power/bonuses
      are calculated that i have to roll a 10 or less to succeed.

      two factions exist:
      1. [2-4] Destroy, [5-10] Devastates. Calculated by taking the
      required roll to succeed minus the roll value. if greater than
      or equal to value to destruction, target is destroyed.

      2. [2-5] Devastate, [6-10] Destroy. Calculated by taking the
      roll value compared to the value to destruction. if greater
      than or equal to the value to destruction, target is destroyed.

      arguments for Camp 1 being:
      "Rolls of 2s and 3s are representative of success. The bar was
      set higher, and you sailed past (underneath) it."
      "It's more complicated, it has to be that way."

      arguments for Camp 2 being:
      "It's more representative of the 'final power' of the destruction."
      "Higher number means more power."

      we tend to play Camp 1 style more often than not, but we tend not
      to use Disasters either.

      any help? or can anyone else explain it to me better with less

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