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  • smacinwo
    May 1, 2004
      --- In illuminatinewworldorder@yahoogroups.com, plasmoid_dk
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Smac,
      > just to help you on your way.
      > You're looking for 21 cards - all groups.
      > AFAIK, these cards are almost certainly not in the german set:
      > Bill C., Hillary C., Gordo, Ollie, George B., Al Gore, Ronald R.,
      > Nancy R., Dan Q., Ross P., Germany.
      > The rest are probably to be found among these cards:
      > Fred Birch Society, Fraternal Orders, Triliberal C., Congressional
      > Wives, Elvis?, Fidel?, Maggie?, Imelda?, Charles?, Di?, Saddam?,
      > Manuel?, Survivalists?
      > Good luck,
      > Martin

      Germany definately is in the German set--I have it--but the rest of
      your list for omitted cards is correct. I do know that Margaret
      Thatcher and Manuel Noriega are also in the German set, as are the
      Congressional Wives and Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Elvis
      also is (seeing how the Church of Elvis would be kind of useless
      without him).

      I do have a list of cards--in German. I have a high school knowledge
      of German, so I was able to translate most of them...however, there
      are about 20 or so that are idioms and I can't translate them quite
      properly; in addition, cards that are translated roughly as "Party
      Donations" could easily be Dollars for Decency, Fundie Money, or
      Pledge Drive, so it's going to be a while before I get a proper list.

      I did get some help from Alta Vista's translation site. I haven't
      done this in a while, and it was somewhat amusing some of the
      translations. "Mother's March" translated into "Housewife Strike"--
      it took me a few seconds to catch on. Deprogrammers became
      the "Brain Scrubbers"; "18 1/2 Minute Gap" was "Destroy Proofs" (I
      thought it was Cover-Up for a while); "Underground Newspapers"
      became the "Link Combat Press"; "Rain of Frogs" was modestly
      referred to as "Frog Troubles"; and the "Gun Lobby" was into the
      nearly untranslatable "Awake and Closing Companies."
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