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228[Illuminati New World Order] Re: Dead dead dead

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  • smacinwo
    Apr 25 1:18 PM
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      --- In illuminatinewworldorder@yahoogroups.com, plasmoid_dk
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hi again,
      > I went ahead and created a list of which CotSG cards I consider to
      > worth keeping/translating. I posted it to the INWO list so as not
      > run the discussion in 2 places. I hope you are on the list too.
      > Everyone is welcome to give feedback or create their own list.
      > If you are not on the inwo mailing list, then you can see past
      > messages here:
      > http://www.sjgames.com/pipermail/inwo-list/
      > Cheers
      > Martin :)

      Thanks, Martin. I agree mostly with your choices with cards to keep,
      though personally I would just drop the SubGenius attribute and all
      cards that deal directly with just affecting SubGenius groups.

      "Translating" the cards are a bit harder than I thought, especially
      if we're trying to keep the same Power/Alignments/Attributes/etc. I
      have made a few changes, but not many, and I've noted these changes
      and other alternate ideas below the cards.

      I'm certainly not going to do each one--in fact, below are only six.
      I'll leave you all to do the others.) By no means are
      these "translations" all that good--I did it in about ten minutes
      pretty much off the top of my head--so please add your own ideas,
      changes, etc.


      Name: Roswell
      Type: Place
      Text: If an attack to destroy against this group succeeds, they are
      returned to the owning player's hand and do not count as destroyed.
      Alignments: None
      Attributes: Space
      Power: 5/5
      Resistance: 5
      Arrows: L, R, B

      [This was turned into a Place; the Xists are an Organization. This
      makes its large Power (this group has the largest Global Power for
      an Organization except for the Democrats) a little bit weaker,
      though quite frankly it's still out of proportion. I would lower it
      to maybe 3/3 and give it an actual useful ability.]

      Name: Church of Middle America (same title)
      Type: Organization
      Text: Any Straight or Conservative group that directly controls the
      Church of Middle America gets +2 to its Power (and Global Power, if
      it already had it).
      Alignments: Straight, Conservative, Peaceful
      Attributes: Church
      Power: 3/1
      Resistance: 4
      Arrows: L, R

      Name: Blogs (replaces Divine Mail Order)
      Type: Organization
      Text: You may spend its action to draw a Plot card. You may spend
      its action, along with an Illuminati action, to draw three Plot
      Alignments: Corporate
      Attributes: Media, Computer
      Power: 2
      Resistance: 3
      Arrows: L, R, B

      [Added the Computer attribute. www.subgenius.com would seem to be a
      better "translation," but since that card's special ability is
      already duplicated in the original INWO I don't see much of a need
      to translate it. I thought about "Daily Newspapers" as an
      alternative but it didn't seem conspiratorial enough to suggest,
      though it could work like the Local Police Departments and be unable
      to be destroyed.]

      Name: Raeliens (replaces League for Obvious Decency)
      Type: Organization
      Text: By spending their action, you may force a player to return two
      exposed Plots to the top of the owning player's Plot deck.
      Alignments: Weird, Conservative
      Attributes: N/A
      Power: 1
      Resistance: 3
      Arrows: None

      [They should probably also be Church. I'm not sure if I would
      consider them Conservative, either, though they are definitely
      Weird. This group should have a better special ability, though.]

      Name: Utah (replaces Speakers in Tongues)
      Type: Place
      Text: You get a +3 for any attempt to control a Church group.
      Alignments: Weird, Conservative, Fanatic
      Attributes: N/A
      Power: 1
      Resistance: 3
      Arrows: None

      [This was also turned into a Place. I'm not sure if I would consider
      Utah "Weird" though, and I hesitate to just make the Group
      the "Mormons". I can't think of any popular religion that would have
      a wide enough influence to grant a bonus to any attempt to control a
      Church but that is also out of mainstream enough to be considered
      Weird. If we dropped "Weird" we probably can come up with some good

      Name: Drug Informants (replaces S.L.A.K.)
      Type: Organization
      Text: If this group does not have an Action Token at the beginning
      of any player's turn, they get one.
      Alignments: Violent, Fanatic
      Attributes: N/A
      Power: 2
      Resistance: 5
      Arrows: B

      [I'd like to add something like "School of Protest,"
      or "Protestors," but that's an obviously made up name. There's a
      cottage industry, at least in America and Europe, of people who hold
      seminars and classes to protest things like the IMF and other global
      organizations; this was most prominent for Americans during the
      Seattle protests a few years ago. It's actually quite an advanced
      network of people, and it's ripe for a conspiracy theory, but
      there's no actual name or organization that is funny/well-known
      enough to translate or parody. Someday there may.]
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