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220Bavarian Fire Drill deck - was Re: Dead dead dead

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  • Tim Gatewood
    Apr 22, 2004
      Dear Martin,

      Okay, it has taken me several minutes to back-trace this message
      topic to find this one message that spells out what the "BFD deck"
      is. (I thought it might be the Big F*ing Deck, but that is the One
      With Everything- grin.) For clarity's sake, maybe we could all agree
      to avoid using initials that refer back to messages from 7 months
      ago? Please !

      I called myself keeping up with all the rumors about INWO and
      Illuminati the game, and I had never heard of the Bavarian Fire Drill
      deck. It does appear that there is a new INWO-based deck coming out
      (see the SJ Games website) - but nothing is said about BFD. What can
      you tell us (me) about it?

      And, no, the game is not "dead" -- it just requires a certain
      awareness of politics for the satire to be meaningful, and a certain
      twisted mentality to get the jokes. In short, it is not for the
      average "rule player" gamer, nor for the MTV-generation computer
      gamer who expects lights, bells, whistles, and impossibly-built-yet-
      scantily-clad females in their games.

      -- Tim G in Memphis, the land of dead and living Kings and Pyramids,
      an Illuminati player since 1985 or so

      --- In illuminatinewworldorder@yahoogroups.com, plasmoid_dk
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > is it just me or is INWO finally dead in the water.
      > Was it because Assassins was weak?
      > Was it because SubGenius was worse?
      > Was it because Bavarian Fire Drill never came out?
      > Or was it simply because the learning curve was too steep?
      > You tell me,
      > if anyone is still here that is :/
      > Martin
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