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214[Illuminati New World Order] Re: Dead dead dead

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  • smacinwo
    Apr 18, 2004
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      > Personally I don't think that any of the cards were broken (though
      > there is a very powerful plotr or two) - and I actually like a lot
      > of the cards for what they do. It would just have been so much
      > cooler if they hadn't been CotSG-based.
      > My INWO friends dislike the cards for being nonsensical and
      > decidedly unfunny. We all got into INWO because of the whole
      > political satire thing, and CotSG definately isn't it.

      Well, I guess it wasn't that they wewre broken, it's that they
      were...well boring. Aside from about maybe 10%-15% of the cards,
      most of the Plots and Groups were simple rehashes of cards that are
      already made. This, of course, was necessary since CotSG was a
      standalone game, so stuff like "Murphy's Law" was translated into a
      different CotSB-based card with the same ability (and, usually, a
      slightly different cost). Yes, the primary selling point of INWO
      (and, I might add, Illuminati) was the political satire. And CotSG
      just blew.

      > Mind you, we weren't too fond of the assassins set either. We all
      > love group based decks, and Assassins had few interesting groups -
      > and none of them common. And the common plots weren't even that
      > interesting!
      > Zaps, paralyzes, freezes? ZZzzzZZ Zzz!

      Actually, aside from the "broken" cards, Assassins was welcome in
      our group, because it filled in a few gaps and left a lot of new
      options. I do wish, like you, of course, that more Groups were
      added, though I'm also glad they weren't Common (I have enough
      copies of the Telephone Psychics, thank you, and I don't need an
      equal number of Swingers).

      I, personally, like Zaps, Freezes, and Paralysises (eses?) but find
      they're too expensive to power. If a few more Plot cards/special
      abilities allowed different ways to power these types of cards, I
      think they'd be viable.

      > My dream expansion would contain this in 1 box:
      > The 100 BFD cards
      > The 100 Assassins cards
      > The ~15 German Uniques

      I agree. And I know plenty that will shell out the cash for such a
      set. Likewise, I don't mind if they add CotSB cards, but I'd only
      welcome them if they were "translated"--i.e., they were converted
      from CotSB to political satire, which, quite frankly, wouldn't be
      *that* hard to do. As much as I dislike CotSB, there *were* a few
      good cards in the set.
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