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210[Illuminati New World Order] Re: Dead dead dead

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  • smacinwo
    Apr 18, 2004
      --- In illuminatinewworldorder@yahoogroups.com, plasmoid_dk
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Perhaps SJGames could "release" the BFD on ccgworkshop.
      > That would certainly have me signing up in a jiffy.
      > It's really annoying that there is a finished set out there that
      > just isn't published. On the other hand, if they did it the old
      > fashion way they would probably do so with a loss.
      > I mean, how many people are still playing?
      > 200?
      > Martin

      Actually, I think a lot more play than that...I was at a wedding
      reception, and the topic came around to gaming, and I casually
      mentioned INWO...and two of the people there (whom I had never met)
      played the game. We talked about it for fifteen minutes or so.
      (Unfortunately, they live far away...but then again, that's two more
      cabals that might be starting back up.) This was a about three
      months ago, and that's not bad for a 10-year-old game.

      I don't expect SJG to release BFD. Let's face it--it will be a loss.
      There's one reason for this--SubGenius. SubGenius has to be the
      worst thing that ever happened to INWO, and has killed off any
      chance of a supplement. SubGenius was *not* a financial success, and
      anyone of Steve Jacksons' business savvy should have known that. The
      Church of the SubGeius has a very small audience. INWO also has a
      fairly small audience. Mixing both of them together spells disaster,
      since you're probably only to get sales when those two markets
      overlap, and for two niche markets, anyone could have seen the
      impending financial loss happen. (I, personally, find the cards
      redudant, uncreative, broken, and--dare I say--offensive. One of our
      friends bought it. We looked at it, and we dumped it.) INWO had mass
      appeal (well, for gaming) because the subject of the cards were well-
      known to most people--Bill Clinton, the Vatican, etc. SubGenius was
      the opposite of that--trying to force INWO fans into caring about 97
      cards that are barely understood outside of the context of the
      Church. What a stupid, stupid waste of time.

      However, I *do* think that a conspiracy game *could* be profitable
      if marketed correctly. In this post-9/11 world, there will be plenty
      of "controversial" groups and cards that could generate some word-of-
      mouth and hook a lot of curiosity-seekers, like Al-Quaeda. (I'm not
      saying such cards would be a good idea, but they are legitimate
      targets for conspiracy.)

      However, just releasing an expansion probably wouldn't work. Re-
      releasing the whole mess (INWO and Assassins and BFD, and mayble
      renaming and culling the best 10-20% from SubGenius) would be the
      most likely financial success, but also the riskiest.

      [And--I might add--one could say, "well, they did that already--it's
      called Deluxe Illuminati. I think there's a lot of people out there
      who would say INWO is better mechanically than Illuminati, and some
      would say just the opposide. I think marketing it as
      a "customizable" game, though not necessarily a "collectable" game
      may or may not be a good move. Everyone has their own One Big Deck?
      Not a bad idea....)

      Granted, this is advice with someone with 0% experience in the
      gaming industry, one known for a small profit margin and little room
      for costly mistakes, so SJG not releasing an expansion for a 10-year-
      old game from a largely collapsed game format is not exactly a
      surprise,nor would it necessarily be wise, even from a fan
      standpoint. Then again, if SJG has the time and cash to spend on
      such an obvious money sink as a miniature casting product line for a
      largely defuct system from the 80's, then maybe BFD has a shot in
      the dark.
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