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187Phase4 the new ordo

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  • jschneiderk
    Mar 8, 2004

      the world-fascists are
      monotheistic.We stand for the world-monotheism.
      We are for no doctrine but for the
      monotheistic tradition.
      We are anarchistic too and for a system of
      councils.(anarcho-and councilfascism).We don't want a
      leader system.We don't want state(s).We want to create
      the one religious ordo.
      We are against racism and against antisemitism.
      We are monotheistic we are against EVERY
      seperation.(god the whole is the whole not the
      God,the whole is central for the human being and its
      For God are all people equal so man as woman.
      We are against the capitalistic law it is godless and
      evil.( positivism is evil).The world-fascists want a
      new religious law.
      Money is evil you can read it in the tora(old
      testament) and you can see jesus in the temple.
      The ordo is a monotheistic order not a polytheistic
      one.God bless the human kind not only one seperated
      part.(that would be pretention).
      So the world-fascists are for the World-Raich
      (Weltreich) one ordo for all then we are
      monotheistic.(its religious not a state)!
      One law one human kind.
      The human being has to live in the world-monastery!
      The intercontinental childrenlandsending
      (Kinderlandverschickung)has to be created.Every child
      is the child of all.Family is a kind of seperation.We
      are a community of believers in and for god.So no
      family anymore.
      The world-fascists don't want seperation they want the
      community,the unity.They don't want private or state
      ownership anymore they want the community ownership.
      The separation between consumers and manufacturers has
      to be abolished.So the seperation between the hand
      work (blue-collar-work) and the work by mind (white
      collar work)has to be abolished too.All people has to
      make the dirty and heavy work together.
      The machine for the distribution of the ressources
      (Ressourcenverteilungsmaschine) has to be created.(by
      satellites,internet,laptop,handy).All people can take
      what they need("take points"), and all what is to be
      produced has to come into the machine.So you don't
      have seperation (exchange or money) anymore.
      The system is ultra-totalitarian because ALL people
      can controll all and everything.(Its not a state.State
      can only exist if you have a lack/absence of
      The world-fascists are against prisons so we have to
      be for the death penalty (by guillotine).Other
      penalties: arrested in the dwelling,sacral psychiatric
      "special" monasteries).
      Everybody "has" a dwelling exact 42 m² (if so than for
      all and everybody).

      All children comming in the KKK (the
      All learning
      example.No selection anymore!!!)Everybody can drive
      the machines and learn to fly.

      The problems of the left-wingers:

      If you don't have state or money anymore what is the
      bunch the connective?What can create the
      consensus?It's the RELIGIO,the believe,the
      connviction.This is the centre idea of ALL fascism.
      If you don't have state anymore you would have anomie
      you need the RELIGIO.(And the world-fascist want the
      equality so we are monotheistic.And we want no
      state(s) so we need the religio more than the other
      (anarchism is liberty and ordo without force.(see
      I.Kant).Fascism is the form the form and the
      force).The people who want liberty they always need
      form.That don't understand the left-wingers.Communism
      ("COMMUNIS") is very religous is the supply/feed for
      all. A lot of monasterie have this tradition.God is a
      god of the living and for all.(communism without
      religion(more exact world-fascism) a catastrophy!!)
      The bunch/league with and in god is central.The FAGGIO
      is very important.
      (So the world-fascists are for the
      cooperatives/kibbuz,councils and for the fasci.)
      What is with the law without state? You need
      rules/law.It has to be a religous law and central
      regulations!!(see above).World-fascists want have a
      industrial system.The production is today
      transnational.(That would be good if would be for
      What do if the class-fight don't work?That is the
      question why Mussolini become fascist.(He was the
      leader of the left-wing radicals before).It's the
      revolution by the power (WILLE,GLAUBE),and the
      force(GEWALT,STÄRKE).Originally mussolini wasn't
      antisemitic or racistic.Hitler forced Italy 1938.

      The problems of the right-wingers.

      They are only partial and not total.The national-
      fascists would be like total but they are national so
      they are partial.They can only be for seperation.For
      example: God bless the human kind not only a
      "speciell" country.
      The homelands of the world-fascism are all continents,
      all planets,all universa, all dimensions!!And the
      world-raich has to be created all over the world!!

      A lot of fascists have an antisemitic tradition. It's
      godless and evil and it's without aim.

      The founder of the fascism Sorrel was very naiv
      because he thougt it would be a very good means for
      the creation of revolution!!

      Hitler was for the racistic and biologistic means.The
      Nazis were for a deterministic system of
      "thinking".It' was completly destructive and against
      the human kind.It was a lack of totalitarism!!A lack
      of power and believe!!
      You need the critic of the value to understand the
      processes of economy.(By Marx).That was another
      failure by Sorrel.The fascists could'nt understand the
      economic processes anymore.
      Auschwitz must not happen again.Only by the
      ultra-fascist world-community can be reached this aim.

      The islam

      God (allah) is the whole the one.Historically the
      sharia is a further developement of the talmud.The
      world-fascist has to develop a new religous law.The
      religious law (the new sharia) has to be created.This
      people who want seperate want exchange are enemies of
      the human kind.Men and women are equal.

      5 times in the day the people have to pray.It's a pray
      in all eternity!!
      Islam means acquiescence,decision.Everybody has to
      fight for the believe.That's open for the monotheistic
      traditions and for the fascism too.
      The three books and all history and traditions in
      their field.There it's very important to say that
      family has to be destroyed.The pharisarians too.Only
      god rules not human beings!!In the world-fascim there
      will be only a functionally kind of rule.There will
      not be personal(or feudal)rule or the blind rules of
      the marketsystem anymore.
      We need the umma as we need world-israel.


      t World anything. We are against the
      > World Order that is in place.

      The world-fascists want the new world

      > anti-fascism if you mean the german one!Yes.

      -But you need fascism, it's more exact to say:
      anti-racistic or against antisemitism or against
      selection.Anti-Nazi okay.World-fascists are

      -Jesus didn't found a church called "christ".He was an
      rabbi.Originally all the christs were jews!!

      -World-fascists are in the tradition of the mystic
      (kabbalah,suffi)and the
      scholastic(Augustinus,Aquin,Fiore "teaching of the
      third raich",for example.
      -World-fascists don't want church as a kind of
      hierarchy.Church is the community in and for
      -All the aliens are human beings (see I.Kant).

      > > Hello,
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      > > here is the phase4 the new ordo(the
      > world-fascists):
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      > > http://www.opentheory.org/phase4/?=&mlist=asc
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      > > MfG
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      > > PS: http://www.world-monotheism.blogspot.com
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      > > http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/pha_se4
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      > > http://www.wbenjamin.org/index.html
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      Braudel and Foucault are important too.

      > > Sites about crisis of economy:
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      > > http://www.krisis.org
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      > > http://www.kollaps-kurier-phase-4.blogspot.com
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