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170Re: Dead dead dead

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  • byerskr
    Nov 14, 2003
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      Bringing up and old subject.

      I don't think INWO is dead but I don't understand why BFD wasn't put
      out when Brainwash and other supplements were put out for Illuminati.

      I don't think it would be a big deal if SJG would just put out
      something as they have to have the set designed. If they don't put
      something out then nothing more can really happen.

      There was discussion about putting out a new Handbook which I wish
      would happen. Heck I would help if it meant seeing it get out to the
      public just to get it out.

      I have some friends who won't play until the next set comes out. I
      am in the process of trying to get things running here where I am
      now. But I could use a little help from SJG by having something new

      I don't think the supplements were weak. But other games have foils
      and such so they will attract some more attention.

      Keith Byers
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