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124Re: INWO Deck Idea: Comments wanted (Par

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  • smacinwo
    Nov 27, 2001
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      I've tried a similar deck many times, and it
      works pretty good. Secret/Magic groups are always fun
      to poke around with, as long as the other people in
      your group know how to work Secret groups. (I
      don't--it's one of the most confusing confusing rules in the
      game, IMHO).<br><br>The only problems I encounter with
      this type of deck are NWO: Magic Goes Away, which
      often causes you to lose a lot of tokens, even if
      countered right away (that dip to zero power hurts). In
      your deck, Vatican City and Stonehenge always seem to
      crop up a lot, so I'd protect them with some sort of
      Agents nullifier.
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