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122INWO Deck Idea: Comments wanted (Part 1)

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  • khart60
    Oct 23, 2001
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      Hey there, I just joined this group (although I
      began playing INWO years ago), and I'd like to get your
      thoughts on this deck I've had a little bit of success
      with. Thanks!<br>----------------<br><br>INWO Deck: The
      Jetpack's in the Mail<br>Weird Science groups secretly
      organize a Junk Mail campaign<br><br>Yep, it's the same
      old crap in the mailbox: bills, more bills, and
      catalogs. Hey, this is weird ... what kind of catalog has
      the Von Stassel U-Clone-It Kit, complete with live
      sheep cells? The G´┐Żnther-Kaas Skyflier Jetpack? The
      Krasslich Brain Blaster 3100 with retinal laser sighting?
      Who's responsible? How'd they get my address? And why
      is the return address in Argentina?<br><br>Use the
      bonuses from Junk Mail, the South American Nazis, the
      Adepts of Hermes, and others to gather Secret, Science,
      and Magic groups, then "weird out" groups where
      necessary to win with the Hail Eris
      goal.<br><br>Illuminati:<br>The Adepts of Hermes<br><br>Group Cards:<br>Cattle
      Mutilators<br>Clone Arrangers<br>EPA<br>Fraternal Orders<br>General
      Disorder<br>I.R.S.<br>Japan<br>Junk Mail<br>L-4 Society<br>Reformed Church of
      Satan<br>Rosicrucians<br>South American
      Nazis<br>Stonehenge<br>Templars<br>Vatican City<br>W.I.T.C.H.<br>Holy Grail<br>Library at
      Alexandria<br>Xanadu<br><br>Plot Cards:<br>A Brief Attack of Conscience<br>Albino
      Alligators<br>Annual Convention<br>The Big Score x2<br>Car
      Bomb<br>Cover of Darkness<br>Crop Circles<br>Flesh-Eating
      Bacteria<br>Harmonica Virgins<br>Hat Trick<br>Hoax<br>Jake Day
      x2<br>Let the Sunshine In<br>Media Blitz<br>New
      Blood<br>Payoff<br>Reorganization<br>Seize the Time!<br>Sufficiently Advanced
      Technology<br>The Weak Link<br>The Weird Turn Pro<br>NWO:
      Apathy<br>Goal: Hail Eris!<br><br>Beginning:<br>Lead off with
      Junk Mail. Yes, it only has a Power of 1, but no one
      will attack you right away, and its +6 on any attempt
      to control Secret groups will be invaluable. In the
      unlikely event that a rival selects Junk Mail as well,
      start with Japan or the South American
      Nazis.<br><br>Midgame:<br>Ideally, you'll draw South American Nazis, W.I.T.C.H.,
      Japan, and the Library at Alexandria early on. The Nazis
      will give +3 Power to any Weird Science group they
      control, which can immediately turn a weak group like the
      L-4 Society into a qualifier for your Goal.
      W.I.T.C.H., with its Power of 3, is one of the few Weird
      groups that doesn't need to be tweaked. Japan provides a
      bonus to control Science groups, and the
      <br><br>Library gives you pluses to control Science and Magic
      groups, and that's not counting your Illuminati's hefty
      bonus to grab Magic groups. The Clone Arrangers are
      always good to have in your power structure, and
      Fraternal Orders' ability to draw extra Group cards is
      excellent for this deck. <br><br>Use the complementary
      special abilities of some Groups and Plots to your
      advantage. If you have, say, the Cattle Mutilators and the
      Templars, you can expose and dispose of nasty Plot cards
      that belong to your foes, especially a Hoax card that
      could snatch away your Goal card at your moment of
      victory. Likewise, if a rival deploys the Library at
      Alexandria first, destroy it with The Weak Link, then pick
      it up with Cover of Darkness.<br><br>If any of your
      rivals gets too aggressive, use Flesh-Eating Bacteria
      (with General Disorder's +10 bonus) to devastate, but
      not destroy, one of their nations. Why devastate and
      not destroy? Devastating is easier - especially when
      you can follow it up with Annual Convention to then
      destroy one of that country's groups. And keep in mind
      that Magic or Weird Science groups (of which you
      should have plenty) can aid in the attack! If the
      destroyed group is one that you like (and which you have in
      your hand), use Media Blitz to deploy it.
      <br><br>(continued in next message)
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