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110INWO in Ultimate Chaos

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  • macs_books
    Jun 2, 2001
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      Well I tried playing INWO at the recent Ultimate
      Chaos state championship at
      alternateworlds<br><br>www.alternateworlds.com.au<br><br>Didn't do too well. The main problem was that The
      Servants of Cthulhu (or whichever illuminati you play) is
      VERY vulnerable to cards that say things like 'Destroy
      any card on the table'. As on the other player's turn
      your games rules don't apply (such as the Illuminati
      being immune from attack) Illuminati and DBZ didn't
      fare too well. The winner had a deck which allowed him
      to have an infinite number of turns, make all the
      other players discard all their cards and destroy all
      their cards on the table and all have to throw ot our
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