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Fw: original piece

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      From: HazelEyez1977@...
      Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 06:07:57
      Subject: original piece---of course

      In my dream
      I mount an angel's wings
      Soaring high
      Above the atmosphere
      I fly
      Beyond cloud nine
      Passing ecstasy on the way
      Entering the realm of heaven
      I dismount and make reservations to stay
      There's ample grounds for play
      And no need for light
      The sun shines all day
      I decide
      To handglide
      Over to mars
      Counting the stars
      That shoot past me
      This galaxy fascinates me
      But even with all this beauty
      I'm not the same
      Splendor and perfection is lame
      And my one player game
      Is mundane 
      I mean
      Even in my dreams
      My world is not complete it seems
      Unless your face beams
      Shining like soul-glo's oil sheen
      Looking upon your queen
      Delighted to know
      That even if it is for one night
      You are crowned my king
      And we can rule my world
      For a time thats everlasting
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