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The Official illpoets.com December News Update

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  • H. J. Lee Bennett, III
    Yeah, I know, I m late again with this damn update, huh? I ve had a lot of hardships this past month, but I m still gonna make sure ya ll know what s new on
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2005
      Yeah, I know, I'm late again with this damn update, huh? I've had a
      lot of hardships this past month, but I'm still gonna make sure
      ya'll know what's new on the site:

      First, we have a couple of events that have been on the calendar(s)
      for a minute, but are going down on a weekly basis-
      Bohemian Caverns (tonight and every Wednesday, ya'll)
      Hosted by: Dehejia Maat Open Mic: 8pm to 12am,
      November 3, 2005
      Doors open @ 8pm
      11th and U Streets, NW
      Donations: $15 (for food and voucher towards your food and/or drink)

      Spit Dat Thursday's!
      Hosted by: Droopy the Broke Baller
      Mocha Hut @ 1301 U St. NW
      Washington, DC
      8 to 11pm, signups start around 7:30pm
      *If you're in the DC metro area, and can support, please come on out
      and show your love and support.

      Secondly, we have a new feature on the site- Ms. Laren Neyland, and
      not only are a lot of the fellas going to love her picture, but
      shorty also some has something on her mind! Click the link below to
      see what that is:

      Finally, I have some reviews you may want to check out. This time
      around, I have something for the intellectual thinker, the car
      enthusiast, and for everybody who knows that The Never Ending Story
      was one of the greatest `80's movies ever!! Yup, I have a book
      review of "Against All Enemies", a game review of "Midnight Club 3:
      Dib Edition and a movie review of "The Dark Crystal".
      *For those who haven't figured it out yet, I often try to keep the
      book and movie reviews simple because I don't want to rick giving
      anything away.

      We'll be looking to add even more features, reviews and content
      in '06, but, you can help decide what that is. If you log into the
      illpoets e-group, there are a couple of polls that can give us an
      idea of what you'd like to see, or, you can fill out the feedback
      form so we know what you do and don't like.
      Oh, and, the illpoets.com CD has been doing its thing, so make sure
      you cop that from the illpoets.com store while you're there:
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