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New Black Nation Sounds Newsletter

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    New Black Nation Sounds NewsletterHIP HOP~BE IT~LIVE IT~LOVE ITJanuary 2005THATS WHATS UP DRMC OPEN MIC Check out the DRMC pics~ JUST CLICK THE PIC!!
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      New Black Nation Sounds
      New Black Nation Sounds Newsletter)
      HIP HOP~BE IT~LIVE IT~LOVE ITJanuary 2005
      THATS WHATS UP DRMC OPEN MIC Check out the DRMC pics~ JUST CLICK THE PIC!! BREAKDANCING LESSONS SHOCK OF THE HOUR: HEARTLESS(chicago) The Foundation for the Study of Hiphop Consciousness THE CRIB COLLECTIVE Ayin Adams

      PEACE YALL!! Its been awhile but we are back. Check out what we got for you. Remeber you can always hit us up with anything that you want us to promote as long as its positive




      Watch out for details on our MC Battle and Poetry Slam with cash prizes!!!

      January 22, 2005

      Degree of the Righteous MC Open Mic Jacks Java Internet Cafe~ 773-239-JAVA~ 9649 S Western~ FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!

      get your spot on the mic from 7:00 to 7:45 show starts at 8:00~~ If you have a quick question feel free to IM me~~ Yahoo: chantyllaa

      We will be having the DRMC show once a month (primarily second Saturdays) until April of 2005 then we will be doing them bi-monthly(primarly second and fourth Saturdays). You can be featured on these datesJanuary 22nd, February 12th, March 12th, April 9th, and May 14th. If you would like to perform or know any other performers that may be interested you can email me or mail in your submission at the address located at the end of the email. If you have any questions about performing please email me at chantyllaa@... . Thank You.

      If you will like to be a featured artist please email chantyllaa@... with your MP3 file or file links or send a CD DVD or VHS tape to

      ~DRMC~ New Black Nation Sounds~ PO BOX 617584~ Chicago, IL 60661-7584~

      To read more about DRMC please visit this site~ DRMC

      Check out the DRMC pics~ JUST CLICK THE PIC!!

      ALL CHICAGOANS....come on out show your talent. We got peeps coming from Indianapolis almost every show. This event is free to all people who perform and the audience! Please support Chicago Hip Hop!!

      DRMC Performers Include

      360 Degrees Poetic Emcees(Chicago)~ Evolution(Indianapolis)~ Dark Knight(Indianapolis)~ Chase(Chicago)~ Big Kwas(Chicago) Stan the Man(Detroit) and MORE!!


      Beginning Tuesday, March 1st, Breakdancing classes will begin at Dance Chicago Dance Studio. (www.DanceChicago.com) Dance Chicago is located at 1439 W Wellington, just off of Southport and Wellington on Chicago's Northside. There are a limited number of spots available so register now before classes fill up!!!

      Times and dates are as follows: Tuesdays- 8pm to 9pm OR Wednesdays- 7pm to 8pm Classes will run for five weeks. The rates are as follows: $85 for five weeks

      If you sign up as a group, with a group being 3 or more people, the price drops to $50 (per person).

      Classes are taught by Brian "B. Rock" Ekerman, an experienced breaker with over 15 years of breaking wisdom to pass on to you. Females are welcome and actually usually are about half or so of the students. This is a great workout, and a great way to gain flexibility and cardio endurance. Instead of Thai-Bo, think of this as 'Break-Bo'! Leave the class feeling energized and rejuvenated. Brian is a great teacher who will work with you to develop your breaking skills and make sure you get fit and tone all while having a great time. Handouts are provided. Classes are taught for the beginner, you don't have to have any prior knowledge of dance to learn, lessons start at ground zero. We are also fully insured.

      "Seeing is believing, and you will not be disappointed. This is great for teens, both male and female, and is a wonderful positive thing to learn. Also great for the 20 something who just wants a great cardio workout, as I can tailor the lessons to that effect. Be the master of your body! Do incredible things that will leave people breathless! With the right teacher, you too can learn this magnificent art. I guarantee results or your money back. Impress everybody you encounter at weddings, parties, or anywhere somebody is trying to dance. You will be the envy of everyone in the room. Want those tight abs? Killer forearms? And want to have fun doing it? Contact me now! I offer group rates or individual one on one teaching. Email me for further information and I'll be happy to provide my phone number and answer any questions."-Brian Ekerman

      Email - ChiTownGuyNorthside@... OR CALL -773-354-9495



      spread the word, watch the show!

      The Foundation for the Study of Hiphop Consciousness

      Contact: Dome, Mecca, or Waliullah

      Phone: 323-281-1412

      Website: www.thefoundationonline.net

      E-mail: info@...

      The Foundation for the Study of HIPHOP Consciousness (The Foundation), a community based HIPHOP organization has been awarded a contract with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), to bring HIPHOP based educational programs to Los Angeles High School students and educators. The Foundation has entered into this breakthrough collaboration with LAUSD, Arts Network Partnership to promote education through HIPHOP. This one of a kind program will allow for standardized based, HIPHOP centered education to be taught in the classroom during regular school hours.

      This art based program will utilize the elements of HIPHOP culture to focus on core curriculum subjects such as history,english, art, math, and social science. LAUSD, Arts Network Partnership has created this unique opportunity for community based organizations, such as The Foundation to use art as an educational tool, which will enable LAUSD in closing the achievement gap.

      The Foundation is extremely excited about this partnership as it allows us to get closer to one of our immediate goals, which is to use HIPHOP Culture as a tool for education, youth empowerment, and being able to create an environment for social change. This program also permits The Foundation a chance in reaching the youth at such a critical learning period of their lives. We are dedicated to teaching the youth and the educators the true history of HIPHOP, the true culture of HIPHOP and its influence on the entire globe. We also know and understand that the negative images portrayed right now in HIPHOP are not a true representation of HIPHOP Culture and we want to bring back the much needed balance to the mainstream portrayal of rap music and HIPHOP Culture. Ultimately, The Foundation's aim is to improve young people's lives and make HIPHOP Culture an intelligent and relevant voice in today's rapidly changing society.

      The Foundation is calling on the entire HIPHOP community for support during this exciting and groundbreaking program. We are in need of donations to facilitate this program and we are asking you to help us out with a tax-deductible donation, any amount you can provide is greatly appreciated. We look forward to whatever support you can provide. Know that your donated dollars go directly to helping the youth, who are in need of programs such as this. We thank you for your time and consideration of this request. We are proud to be a HIPHOP based organization and have made a commitment to the upliftment of the youth within the communities that so desperately need of our services. Please consider us for your tax deductible donations.

      Donations can be made directly at our website now, or they can be made to us via mail (Please contact). Thank you for your consideration and generosity. Please do not hesitate to contact us in regards to any support that can be offered.


      The Crib Has Relocated! Thank you to all who came to The Crib Collective's housewarming! If you couldn't make it this time, check us out during one of our upcoming events:

      January 23rd, 6:30P to 9:30P - Open Mic Sundaze. Held the 4th Sunday of each month. Featuring both neighborhood and local Chicago artists. The open mics spotlight artistic mentors and invite newbies and veterans to showcase their work.

      The Crib Collective 4252 W. Cermak Chicago, IL 60623 info@...

      Please address all questions, comments, or information to april@... or call us at (773)542-4220

      Ayin Adams

      Ayin M. Adams grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Ayin studied acting in New York City appearing in films, stage and commercials and also traveling with stage productions. Ayin studied speech and theater at Lehman College in the Bronx, New York and received her Doctoral Degree at the University of Metaphysics.

      Ayin is a practitioner of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing, a motivational inspirational speaker, inventor, award-winning poet, scriptwriter, songwriter, and filmmaker.

      Ayin has recorded and released a series of meditation tapes of spiritual transformation and empowerment geared towards personal growth.

      360PE The EP
      $7.49 Get your copy TODAY!! Dr Wax 5225 South Harper Avenue Suite D, Chicago, IL Gramaphone 2663 N. Clark 60614 The African Hedonist Music 8501 S. Cottage Grove

      OR buy online @ http://www.360pe.com via paypal for $7 plus shipping and handling

      Our Price: $7.00 USD
      S & H: 2.50

      Buy Now | Learn More

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