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Between The Sheets With Publisher Richard Vargas of The Mas Tequila Review

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  • Rafael Alvarado
    Between The Sheets With Publisher Richard Vargas of The Mas Tequila Review
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2010
      Between The Sheets With Publisher Richard Vargas of The Mas Tequila Review


      Join Stacey Mangiaracina as she talks to Richard Vargas of The Mas Tequila Review

      Richard Vargas: graduated with a degree in English (emphasis: Creative Writing) from Cal State Univ., Long Beach, where he was influenced by Gerald Locklin and Richard Lee. During that time he was introduced to the poetry of Bukowski, Ed Field, Michael C Ford, Kirk Robertson, nila northSun, and the lively small press scene that was responsible for publishing their poems. He published five issues of The Tequila Review from 1978-1980, including poetry by Locklin, Ron Koertge, Jimmy Santiago Baca, nila northSun, Judson Crews, Dennis Cooper, David Barker, and Michael C Ford. Marvin Malone, editor and publisher of the legendary small press magazine, Wormwood Review, once wrote: "Richard Vargas is the editor of the respected little magazine Tequila Review... which originated in Long Beach, Ca., that hot bed of direct poetry."
      Richard has resurrected his small press poetry journal, tweaking the name to The Mas Tequila Review. The summer 2010 issue has many familiar faces, and many new ones. Gerald Locklin, Ron Koertge, Ed Field, Michael C Ford, and nila northSun are there, along with Hannah Wehr, Lisa Gill, Justin Hyde, Luivette Resto, and many more.
      The Mas Tequila Review has no agenda or school of poetry it is trying to promote. The editor feels truly that "it's all about the poem," and looks to publish the best damn poetry he can find, no matter who wrote it. As a result, each issue of TMTR will be an eclectic mix from all over the country.
      Vargas' two books of published poetry are McLife, Main Street Rag Press, Fall 2005, and American Jesus, Tia Chucha Press, Fall 2007. He is currently in the last year of the Creative Writing MFA program at the University of New Mexico.

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