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The Machine Hosted By Hugo Machuca

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  • Rafael Alvarado
    The Machine Hosted By Hugo Machucahttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/onword/2010/04/01/the-machine-hosted-by-hugo-machuca On Hugos First show he will be Talking to
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      The Machine Hosted By Hugo Machuca


      On Hugos First show he will be Talking to Hannah Wehr & A. Razor
      about Poetry in the prison system & Prison reform

      Hugo Machuca was paroled on August 20, 2009 after serving 28 years in prison. He went to prison at 18 years old and was given a 15 to life sentence for second degree murder for an altercation with a rival gang member that ended in his death. During Hugo’s incarceration he accomplished a lot and made use of his time. He was able to take back his life as a dreaded ex-gang member to a loving and committed member of the community by his transformation in an indigenous spiritual practice of the sweat lodge in 1992, shortly after the death of his mother. Hugo was among one of the first inmates to participate in the Honor Yard Program of the California State Prison at Lancaster in 2000, which is a program for men who are alcohol and drug-free, no gang affiliation or recent history of violence while inside and want to live out their time in peace with a multicultural group of men. At this time, Hugo also started C.R.O.P. (convicts reaching out to people) as a way to give back to the community by inviting at-risk youth to the facility to listen to the men’s stories of what led up to their incarceration and impress upon them the importance of respect, responsibility, honor, caring and getting the help they need before it’s too late. Hugo also served on the Honor Program Steering Committee, the Prison Men’s Advisory Council Executive Body Parliamentarian, and as C.R.O.P. Chairman and Program Master of Ceremonies.
      He is currently working full-time as an Outreach Worker and will be starting a Youth Diversion Program there. Hugo is doing very well since his release. He has made a lot of friends in the community, continues to attend sweat lodge ceremonies, and speaks of his experiences and subsequent transformation whenever he can. He wants his message of hope to reach as many young people in trouble as possible.
      He has been out 245 days, is very happy to be on this panel and standing among you a free man today!
      "errors of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left to combat it"
      Thomas Jefferson

      Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. 
      Mark Twain 

      The Poetry Bomb, lifting off April 2010!

      H.I.P., Hollywood Institute of Poetics, established this April 2009, is committed to the perpetuation of PLC: Poetry, Literature and Community through Poetic Loving Care. Our numbers are committed to the ongoing promotion of good works, good thouhgts and good people by serving the poetic muse in the form of public readings, publication and the promotion of poetry everywhere.


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