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Special Reminder: TONIGHT @ 8:30

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    NLitened Soulz presents The Set An eclectic combination of sound and style   An Unplugged show featuring an assortment of up and coming talents,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2008
      NLitened Soulz
      "The Set"
      "An eclectic combination of sound and style"
      An "Unplugged" show featuring an assortment of up
      and coming talents,  ranging from singers, musicians,
      poets and visual artists.
      There's a suggested $10 Artistic Contribution for
      this event.
      La Carbonara
      1926 9th Street, NW
      Washington, DC 20001

      This week's feature is
      (click his name to hear some of his music)

      It's that "feel good" vibes we're bringing back!
      ARTISTS, both performance as well as visual, feature
      opportunities please send an email to  thesetsessions@
      gmail.com w/ two examples of your arts.

      To RSVP please send an email with your name and
      number of guests to: thesetsessions@ gmail.com

      Kuroji Ntu
      Artist, Educator, Filmmaker, Photographer...Oh and Host!!!
      Myspace Youtube YahooGroup

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