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This is going to be a good night!!!

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  • Baub Bidon
    (please circulate this email to your entire list) Don t forget Free 2 spit TONIGHT (Friday at 7pm) Come early, get your party, and groove on.This will be a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2007
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      (please circulate this email to your entire list)
      Don't forget Free 2 spit TONIGHT (Friday at 7pm)
      Come early, get your party, and groove on.This will be a relaxing, motivationally enlighting, and fun night...
      If you can't see the flyer, go directly to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/free2spit 
      Free 2 Spit
      "Why did i get married...no bootleg"
      Celebrating Marriages, and in congratulations to Conscious & Erika, J-Sun & Bev. The open mic will be poppin, and the dance floor will be hoppin. Come through, support and celebrate the idea of  married households in our communities.
      Hosted By: Baub Bidon, Ernel Da Storyteller, D-Moss, and Dope-Dave
       (Live Performance and Dance Party)
      Music Provided By: E.J Wayne
      Friday November 30th
      Club Charisma: 92 Walnut St, Hartford CT. 06106
      Free Entry, Free Buffet, 3 dollar drinks till 9pm
      Why we should come through, support, and sincerly congratulate these two couples; well, here are the stats...
      • Black males and females are more likely to be unmarried than Whites, Hispanics, or American Indian/Alaskan Natives (AIAN) (42.2% for males, 40.8% for females, compared to 27.5% and 21.2% respectively for Whites, 38.2% and 30.3% for Hispanics, and 35.7% ad 29.9% for AIAN ).(ACS 2002)
      • Black individuals are far more likely than Whites and Hispanics to be divorced (in 2002, 9.4% of Black males were divorced, and 13.3% of Black females versus 9.1 % and 11.3% respectively for Whites and 5.9% and 9.3% for Hispanics). (ACS 2002)
      • Among married Black individuals, a greater percentage is living apart from their spouses than among married White and AIAN individuals (15.7% for Black males, 24.1% for Black females, versus 5.3% and 6.3% respectively for Whites and 11.1% and 12.8% for AIAN). Only Hispanics have a higher rate of living apart from their spouse than do Blacks – 16.2% for males and 16.9% for females (in many cases this may be due to immigration complications). (ACS 2002)
      • Black families are less likely to contain a married couple than all other groups (46.0% versus 81.0%). White families have an 81% chance of containing a married couple, AIAN families have a 67% chance, and Hispanics have a 67.4% chance. (Census 2000)
      • Single male-headed families are slightly more likely in Black homes than in White family homes (about 8.5% versus 5.3% for whites.). Hispanics and AIANs have a higher rate of single male headed families (10.3% and 10.4% respectively). (Census 2000)
      • Single female-headed families are far more likely in Black homes than in all other groups' homes (45.4% versus 13.7%). By contrast, Whites have a 13.7% rate, AIANs have a 28.8% rate, and Hispanics have a 22.3% rate of single female headed families. (Census 2000)
      • Only 44.9% of Black householders in family households live with a spouse. This compares with 80.6% for Whites, 60.1% for AIAN, and 70.2% for Hispanics. (Census 2000)

      The African American Healthy Marriage Initiative

      Peace and Power: Baub
      P.S. Don't forget the Poetz Realm, Wednesday Nov 28th 9pm Featuring Props
      (this is an every 2nd and 4th wed of every month venue)
      955 Connecticut Ave. Bridgeport, Ct 06607
      5 dollar entry, but free if you get on the mic.
      more info: 203-803-6711 e_dastoryteller@...

      Dont look back...you may lose your vision

      "Send me a dollar today and watch me change the world tomorrow"...
      Baub Bidon
      P.O. Box 658
      New Haven, Ct 06503 
      Food 4 thought

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