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Aaron Does Baltimore! Happy National Poetry Month!!

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  • Delrica Andrews
    Apologies if you receive this more than once. We send to multiple list-serves. Welcome to the DC/Baltimore Slam Newsletter!!! Apologies for the late send-out,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2007
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      Apologies if you receive this more than once. We send to multiple list-serves.

      Welcome to the DC/Baltimore Slam Newsletter!!!

      Apologies for the late send-out, we'll be trying to send this out sooner in the week for ya!
      On to the newsletter!

      Featuring at SLAMicide on Monday, April 2, 2007: Aaron Trumm!!!
      Meet Aaron

      Aaron Trumm has been bleeding on microphones, studios, and live audiences since 1989. He has bled out a number 10 ranking in the world as a slam poet, 2 Houston poetry slam championships, 5 national poetry slam appearances, 2 alternative hip-hop CDs under the name "M.C. Murph", the techno/classical/poetry fusion act Third Option, which was called "wicked, totally compelling" by BBC Radio I's Annie Nightingale, publications ranging the spectrum of music and technology from Linux Journal to the National Poetry Slam anthology, a master's degree from Stanford (Music, Science and Technology), and a nation full of stages left burnt, bloody and alive.


      So Last Week...
      @ DC Slam 

      DC Slam is on an indefinite hiatus...in the meantime, visit www.slamicide.com, our sister slam, to find out more about upcoming features  and to find out who will make the 2007 DC/Baltimore Slam Team!!

      In Baltimore @ SLAMicide . . .
      WARNING! This is the Slamicide update. Give us your women and no one gets hurt.

      Haha, okay, not really.

      On the open mic we had Lauren, Jess with an A-MAZING poem, Dario, Rich Boucher and the return of the crazy and wonderful Alex Colvin. Yay!

      Then April Ardito treated us to lovely set of poems about life, love, relationships and the lovely biological parts of men that women don't (typically, if genetics works the way they should). She was funny, goofy, confident, beautiful and true. It was a lovely feature and the audience loved it. And April loves us enough she's planning on moving to Baltimore in the fall! Yay!

      Then we had the one and only Duet Slam! Hosted by me! Eight poets signed up a month before, wrote a duet together and performed it for prestige and prizes. And holy-mother-loving-christ it was awesome!!!

      Mike Turpin and Steve Kirk made up the Barely-Out-Of-High-School Contingent
      Chris August and Chris Wilson formed the Audience-Confusion-Twins
      Hannah and Matt McDonald represented the Married-Couple-With-Tax-Benefits Duo
      Joanna Hoffman and Karen Finneyfrock became the Estrogen-Power-Of-Everyone's-Doom

      In the first round they did the duets, in the second round each poet performed solo.

      Our top three were (out of a possible total of 90 points):
      3. Hannah and Matt McDonald with "ISSUES", burning chicks, and common names (76.2)
      2. Mike Turpin and Steve Kirk with ignorance, hypocrisy, and fish in the sea (76.8)
      1. Joanna Hoffman and Karen Finneyfrock with masturbation, woman power, anti-love, and Cuntistan ( 78.3)

      Next week is Aaron Trumm from Texas! Yay!

      So join us ...

      7:30pm - 11:00pm
      $5 cover charge

      XandO Coffeebar
      3003 North Charles St. - lower level
      Baltimore, MD

      Every Week You Get:
      Open Mic ~ get your share on
      Featured Poet ~ from the west coast, another country, or right here in DC each week hear from a different talented poet
      SLAM! ~ Competitive Performance Poetry! Cash prizes for top 3 winners


      Be kind: Use the BCC option/box/link when you send group emails and protect EVERYONE's email addresses.  Thank you.
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