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"One Liners" ***FRESH NEW POETRY***

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  • TrinityThePoet@aol.com
    Hope you can relate!!! Enjoy “ONE-LINERS” (Well, it started out that way…) I’m known to murder men Like Keifer Sutherland Posed as “Jack Bauer”
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2006
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      Hope you can relate!!!


                    (Well, it started out that way…)




      I’m known to murder men

      Like Keifer Sutherland

      Posed as “Jack Bauer”

      In the 24th Hour


      Got more cons

      And conniving ways

      Than my man on “Lost”

      The dirty-blonde


      Named “Sawyer”


      Working words into


      Well thought out

      And delivered

      With the precision

      Of a sniper

      Strike deadly like

      A viper

      Straight wipe ya

      Off the map

      Then come back

      Addicting like crack

      Taking no crap

      Talking no smack

      Telling you nothing

      But the truth


      And root

      My philosophy

      Deep in the soil

      Of your


      Planting trees

      Yearning to


      Learning to

      Acquire more wisdom

      So help me God


      I’m powerful

      Like Robert DeNiro

      Playing the Notorious


      Runnin’ the Mob

      And more


      Than Elliott Ness

      Whether as Kevin Costner

      Or the Real Rapper

      Elliott Ness

      Making Diddy’s

      “Da Band”

      That much more complex


      Stress rests

      On my shoulders

      Taking over like


      “The Takeover”

      Taken and holding on


      Even though I’m on

      An Island

      Playing the game of



      Destined to become the


      Although this victory

      Won’t yield

      One million dollars


      Yet in still

      Its an

      “Amazing Race”

      Able to write poems

      For and at any

      Time or place

      Making sure to leave you

      A clue

      Every step of the way


      I’ll get my man


      A “Hero”

      To bend time and space

      And I’ll have you

      Teleported into my past

      Present and

      Future mind states


      I wanna be on “Top”

      Like a “Model”

      Willing to follow

      Thru with any challenge given

      Take perfect photos

      Resembling a

      Heavenly created being


      Don’t worry

      If you missed something

      Horatio will help you

      Pick up the pieces

      Grisom analyzes

      Probable scenarios

      While Warrick’s taking pictures

      Eric’s diving

      Cali’s at the gun range


      Nick’s clowning

      Katherine’s questioning

      Sara, Greg, and Ryan’s

      All in the lab

      Evidence testing

      While Alexx and Al

      Are preparing the victims

      Now peacefully resting


      I’m confessing!!

      I’m the culprit!!

      I took the fiction

      And pulped it

      C’mon admit it

      You loved it!!

      No need for a pulpit

      Nor a stage

      As long as

      I’m allowed to convey

      And explain my ways


      And how I can


      Them to shows

      And display

      My reality

      By programs

      Watched on TV

      And hope

      That helps you

      Understand me


      Shaneka + Nek + Peaches =


      Thus Trinity

      Allowing you to view

      All three sides of me

      All my different mind states

      And personalities



      I’m 29 years old

      I’m a single Mom

      Raising a family



      I’m that…

      Round-da-way girl

      Laid back chic

      Good to have

      As a Homie



      I’m that…

      Sassy-sexy bitch

      At times can be

      Ghetto as hell

      But always still prissy

      I might be pretty

      But I’m not

      No sissy

      I’ll handle mines

      When it comes time to

      Get busy



      Like every Celebrity

      And every show

      That I mentioned

      I’m tight as hell

      So don’t think

      You can top me


      Don’t mess with me

      I’m on a mission to

      “Save the Cheerleader… Save the World”

      And I plan to succeed and report this   

      Mission as over and complete



      © Trinity

             December 2, 2K6



      Oakland, California's Finest
      "Purveying Poetic Powers From The Divine, Times Three"
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