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Black fact of the Day Nov 30th

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    Feel Free To Forward: November 30, 1912 Gordon Roger Alexander Buchannan Parks was a groundbreaking Black photographer, musician, poet, novelist,
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      Feel Free To Forward:
      November 30,  1912     Gordon Roger Alexander Buchannan Parks was a groundbreaking  Black photographer, musician, poet, novelist, journalist, activist and film director. He is best remembered for his photo essays for Life Magazine (in which he was the first Black to work for the Magazine) and as the director of the 1971 film "Shaft" (He was also the first Black to director a full featured film "The Learning Tree" for a major filming company).
      My Ode to Mr. Parks
      Gordon Parks...
      His name will forever stain the pages of life,
      both in our hearts
      as well as the magazine...
      His books,
      whether poetry or novel
      will continue to appear on the desks of literary art students
      all over the world...
      Gordon Parks,
      was ground breaker,
      kicking in doors in the fashion world
      only weeks after picking up his FIRST camera...
      double exposing every shot but one on the rolls,
      but Gordon kept shooting for his goals,
      lived with his camera to his nose...
      & DAMN that brother could write!
      composing a note for every photo,
      to help bring them to life...
      like trees in Kansas that young black boys learned from
      screen play: shocked the world
      & still they wanted more...
      Gordon Parks
      passed at 93
      left no unturned stones
      brought Flavio back home
      & was the greatest that ever did it
      like the cover shot of Muhammad & X & King & Me...
      Mr. Parks shot me in the heart
      long before I ever knew his work was his work,
      leaving me
      at the comparison of ours
      & it hurt...
      to hear his last shutter-shut
      to see his last flash-flash
      then the umpteen emails
      then the numerous phone calls
      & I thank all of y'all
      but rest assure,
      that just like there will always be a mic open enough to allow y'all to spit on
      through his arts: photography, drawings, paintings, films & memories...
      Mr. Gordon Parks, will live on...
      & I'll make sure of it!
      © 2006 Kuroji Ntu
      ...As if y'all couldn't have guessed that THIS would've been the fact of the day(smile)...LOVE YOU GORDON!
      Stay Building
      Stay Balanced

      Kuroji Ntu
      Photographer, Artist & Educator
      "Capturing life as it happens"

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