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  • lacywm
    May 7, 2005
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      If the beat
      was a hoe
      then the HIPPIEcrite
      would be a cheap trick...
      Frontin' a lifestyle that's beatnik...
      A true hippie
      has a true love
      for peace and action
      in that positive direction will never cease...
      Whereas the illegit
      is always talkin'
      but never
      any elbow grease applied...
      Always pointin' out
      a flawed system...amplified
      Fact kickin'
      Stickin' the man
      for everything
      records claim the he stuck
      them for...
      But a true hippie
      is for pro-activity...
      not only protesting
      but applying themselves
      in the community
      whether it's spittin' verse
      or sharing a positive vibe
      knowing that "no action"
      plus living equals living a lie,
      It's already hard enough
      for an artist to survive
      but a lazy bone HIPPIEcrite
      gets the whole
      art world typecast
      real quick...as being
      too free
      abusive of freedom of speech
      only exposes bare feet
      quick to call someone a sell out
      often gets into trouble
      then on the double expects the bail out
      ...from the system...
      Back in the 60's
      when the pop generation
      was birthed,
      mother earth witnessed
      something unlike never before...
      Woodstock's crock-pot
      simmered with
      dudes and daddios
      doin' anything to get
      their songs on the radio...
      Counter culture supreme beings
      underground began makin'
      rounds to 5 pointed sections of each town...
      ...and now HIPPIEcrites
      have brought all of that...down...

      Much love and respect for true hippies
      who are makin' a difference...

      Marc Lacy 2005