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662RE: [illpoets] Where's My Money?

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  • Kris Jamel
    Jan 1, 2006
      The most underpaid profession in history. This woman's work, respect sista.

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      >Subject: [illpoets] Where's My Money?
      >Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 15:03:40 EST
      >���Where���s My Money?���
      >After awaking, I immediately report to work.
      >My first job carries the title of Chef
      >Eggs and bacon cooking on the stove
      >Or cereal pouring into bowls
      >I change my title quicker than you can blow your nose.
      >The chauffeur is now what I���ve become
      >Driving little people to and from
      >Unfortunately I'm the only one
      >But even still,
      >Where���s my money?
      >Naw, I'm not being funny
      >Morphing interchangeably between the Tooth Fairy,
      >Santa Claus,
      >Birthday Party Planner
      >And the Easter Bunny
      >From the Day Care provider changing diapers
      >To the Dentist pulling teeth
      >To the Doctor prescribing medicine for noses sore and runny
      >I ask again,
      >Where���s my money?
      >I���ve become a Fashion Designer
      >And an Interior Decorator
      >Not to mention a fabulous Caterer
      >Oh, don't forget the maid
      >Often treated like the hired help
      >Or a glorified slave.
      >I���ve earned multiple degrees
      >My fields of mastery are:
      >General elementary studies,
      >General junior high studies,
      >General high school studies.
      >Psychology, Psychiatry,
      >Anatomy and Physiology,
      >Reality and Philosophy,
      >Raising and Teaching,
      >Banking and Accounting.
      >So you would think that with my credentials,
      >They'd pay me my money.
      >So after all that,
      >You mean to tell me,
      >That I don't get paid for this?
      >Okay that was a memo I obviously missed!
      >I���ve had it up to here,
      >You've owed me for years,
      >Parenting is an ever changing career.
      >Since this job obviously doesn't pay,
      >I'll let you know now that upon your 18nth birthday,
      >My resignation will be handed in.
      >I'm done with it,
      >And yes,
      >Because I never actually got paid,
      >I'M REALLY GONNA QUIT!!!!!!
      >So if you want me to stay
      >Then I suggest that you make arrangements to pay
      >Cause the description seems to change by the day
      >But that���s ok
      >It���s alright with me
      >As long as you stop playing
      >And pay me my money!!!
      >DEC. 30, 2 K 5
      >"Dreams are the subconscious blueprints of your conscious reality so I
      >encourage you to keep building." --Trinity, 2 K 6

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