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659Where's My Money?

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  • HazelEyez1977@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2006


      “Where’s My Money?”


      After awaking, I immediately report to work.

      My first job carries the title of Chef

      Eggs and bacon cooking on the stove

      Or cereal pouring into bowls

      I change my title quicker than you can blow your nose.

      The chauffeur is now what I’ve become

      Driving little people to and from

      Unfortunately I'm the only one

      But even still,

      Where’s my money?


      Naw, I'm not being funny

      Morphing interchangeably between the Tooth Fairy,

      Santa Claus,

      Birthday Party Planner

      And the Easter Bunny

      From the Day Care provider changing diapers

      To the Dentist pulling teeth

      To the Doctor prescribing medicine for noses sore and runny

       I ask again,

      Where’s my money?


       I’ve become a Fashion Designer

      And an Interior Decorator

      Not to mention a fabulous Caterer

      Oh, don't forget the maid

      Often treated like the hired help

      Or a glorified slave.


      I’ve earned multiple degrees

      My fields of mastery are:

       General elementary studies,

      General junior high studies,

      General high school studies.

      Psychology, Psychiatry,

      Anatomy and Physiology,

      Reality and Philosophy,

      Raising and Teaching,

      Banking and Accounting.

      So you would think that with my credentials,

      They'd pay me my money.


      So after all that,

      You mean to tell me,

      That I don't get paid for this?

      Okay that was a memo I obviously missed!

      I’ve had it up to here,

      You've owed me for years,

      Parenting is an ever changing career.

      Since this job obviously doesn't pay,

       I'll let you know now that upon your 18nth birthday,

      My resignation will be handed in.

      I'm done with it,

      And yes,

      Because I never actually got paid,



      So if you want me to stay

      Then I suggest that you make arrangements to pay

      Cause the description seems to change by the day

      But that’s ok

      It’s alright with me

      As long as you stop playing

      And pay me my money!!!




                                        DEC. 30, 2 K 5

      "Dreams are the subconscious blueprints of your conscious reality so I encourage you to keep building." --Trinity, 2 K 6
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