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627The “…Forever Hold Your Peace” Piece

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  • Olu Burrell
    Dec 7 10:11 AM

      i haven't posted in a while, ya'll...please bear with me and honest feedback is always appreciated.



      The ��Forever Hold Your Peace� Piece


      I�m glad that you�ve found

      Your piece of happiness

      But I�m struggling to make peace

      With what happened to us

      Or rather

      What could have

      I want you to know that

      You can still call me

      If you ever need a good laugh


      If you need someone to talk to

      Someone who understands

      Someone who has successfully finished last

      In every race he�s ever ran


      The nice guy

      Even though I apparently

      Wasn�t the right guy

      I must respect your decision


      I won�t lie, it took me a lot to

      Get to this point

      Because you�ve had me thoroughly smitten


      And if you ever feeling like venting-


      No, that would be a conflict of interest

      And I would only be looking out for my own


      I�m human, after all

      Still flawed, no matter how much I�ve grown


      In short, I still long to be near you

      Though I don�t dare to entertain the notion

      Because I don�t know if I�m strong enough

      To resist tampering with your devotion

      Or stifling the emotion

      That arises every time I think of you


      And you don�t need that from me

      I have to be a good friend

      Though I�m a tortured soul

      Torn apart until the end


      It just feels like I�m losing you



      And I�ve considered how much time

      I�d have to spend

      To get you back

      But if you�re truly happy

      Then I don�t want to

      Fool with that


      Because karma is no joke


      I�ve paid you so much attention

      That I�m going for broke


      Now I�m simply trying to cope

      I�d be lying if said I wasn�t relying

      On the hope


      That you will see


      That your true happiness will be found

      When you finally come around

      And decide to be with me

      But I digress�


      I was supposed to be utilizing this time

      To wish you all the best

      And you deserve that and no less

      I�m just trying to intermingle

      My true feelings in the midst of this, I confess


      But, hey-

      Here�s to the happy couple:

      May all your days be filled

      With joy

      May God bless YOUR union

      And thoroughly stifle my ploy

      May HE grant you peace and love

      And HIS wisdom on you; impart

      And May this day go forth as

      The day you joined hands

      (But I pray that you never join hearts).

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