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619Re: [illpoets] -Virgin-

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  • Jessica Richardson
    Dec 5, 2005
      I just wanted to say thanks for the poem it seems like your a deep person I would like to read more.

      nativelungs <nativelungs@...> wrote:
      I have not one long stemed rose to give to you.
      Nor phrase that have yet been said,
      Only my soul's gold and my mind's ocean tides.
      Time could only witness
      And unravel around abrupt kisses,
      Of the night and tomorrow's whispers...
      For our words will reign silent,
      As the quiet riot of our heart's desire
      Levitate elements of intuitive love making...
      We are brand new...
      Like next years summer breeze.
      Our being cling to a fair exchange
      Of mixed dreams and emotion.
      Ocean waves, wave as we experience solace and perserverance
      In this effort of becoming one...
      This is brand new...
      We play it safe by acheiving in baby steps
      In concepts of being careful and not getting hurt...
      Yet...taking leaps of faith.
      We'll savor this virgin
      Within the safe houses of our dreams venue,
      Hoping that we'll avenue
      Some sort of blanket theory...
      I'm so new to this place,
      Knocking upon a door that stand adjacent
      To an unknown world behind.
      This boldly printed underlined sublime,
      Holds bearing on this night.
      So on this plight and dream extention,
      I'll petition you...
      To love me much more
      Than any lover before...
      This is my new desire...The breaking of my heart's virginity.

            C. 2005                Nativelungs

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