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2843Marc Lacy Releases "Wretched Saints" - Spiritual Short Stories

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  • AVO Communications,Inc
    Feb 2, 2010
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    Poet/Author Marc Lacy and Assuanta Fay Howard Release a Jarring
    Collection of Fiction Short Stories...Wretched Saints

    AVO Publishing
    P.O. Box 2250
    Huntsville, AL 35804
    (256) 721-1600

    Wretched Saints - When the Righteous Path Leads to Hell's Doorstep
    ISBN - 978-0-9749712-3-0
    Authors: Marc Lacy, Assuanta Fay Howard
    Editor: Shonell Bacon
    Typeset: Pittershawn Palmer
    Cover Design: Assuanta Fay Howard, Marc Lacy

    What are Best-selling Authors Saying About Wretched Saints?

    ?Powerful, gripping, and eye-opening! Walk into the pages of the
    Wretches Saints and immerse yourself in the captivating stories that
    lie within. A well-written, thought provoking work of engaging stories.?

    - Trice Hickman, National Bestselling Author

    ?In Wretched Saints, you will be treated to tales of everyday life,
    learning lessons through the eyes of both saint and sinner alike, some
    of whom will never learn...until it?s too late. For what is life, but
    a test of Faith and the Spirit? I hope you will enjoy the trials and
    tribulations served up by some of the hottest authors in the business,
    Marc Lacy, and Assuanta Fay Howard.?

    - Eric Pete, National Bestselling Author

    Introduction to Wretched Saints

    Between these covers may be your spark to eternal life or your ticket
    to everlasting confusion...depending on how you look at it, for we all
    have the greatest intentions at heart regardless of what we may desire
    to accomplish. Our faith provides energy and focus during the
    lifelong scamper down the path of righteousness. However, one thing
    that poses the greatest challenge is the fact that no human being can
    escape being human...?til death do us part. Temptation lies behind
    each exit off of Heaven?s highways. Detours become more alluring as
    construction takes place within the most crucial times of our lives ?
    in turn, potentially providing next day delivery service to hell?s

    Wretched Saints provides a literary window through which we may
    possibly see traits of ourselves within one or more of the characters
    as they learn the hard way to listen when God is talking. Thus His
    signal, when digested properly, allows suppression of sinful
    urges?opening up the door for spiritual growth.

    Are you a Wretched Saint? Open the covers?and see.

    *Soon, you will be able to purchase at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and

    Book orders online are available at http://www.marclacy.com ,
    http://www.avopublishing.com , or http://www.amazon.com .
    Don't get left behind! Make sure you check out
    http://www.marclacy.com and for the latest and greatest details
    concerning Wretched Saints and all AVO Publishing products.

    Very Respectfully,

    AVO Publishing