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1838Re: [illpoets] "V" (First piece of 2007) Happy New Year

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  • Kris Jamel
    Jan 3, 2007
      Hi Crystal,
      Trinity is a very good friend of mine and posts some of my favorite illpoet
      pieces weekly. I on the other hand post very infrequently which I hope to
      change during the 07'. However "V" was my piece and Trinity responded to it.
      So allow me to thank you myself for the very flattering compliment and she
      and I both will be posting much more. But if it's any consellation, Trinity
      was sitting right next to me when I wrote this piece, so if I was feeding on
      her energy then I might just owe her credit on this one ;0) Take care and
      thanks again.

      aka the invisible man
      "I move amongst the masses cloaked in stealth."

      From: Crystal Warrington <mscrissmiss@...>
      Reply-To: illpoets@yahoogroups.com
      To: illpoets@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [illpoets] "V" (First piece of 2007) Happy New Year
      Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 10:34:45 -0800 (PST)

      Hi Trinity!...this poem...is wonderful...!!!...very creative, thought
      provoking...i can tell...no ryhme book used here!...luv it...look forward to
      reading more from you!...Crystal...

      TrinityThePoet@... wrote: ASBOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!!!!

      In a message dated 1/2/2007 6:35:05 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      krisjamel@... writes:
      In my annual new years reflection on the past year of my life, I
      realized that I have changed. I have evolved, changed for the better,
      and I owe it all to my God given ability to forgive. I hope you like
      the piece...peace


      In an effort to move on
      Sometimes the past presents a problem
      The premonition was
      Reminiscent of
      The just demolition of
      The trust between Jesus and Judas
      Although forgiveness provides much more nourishment
      Revenge seems much tastier on my lips
      So I take multiple sips from my chalice
      Filled with vengeance
      This vendetta is written in red violence
      And read in red silence
      "Vengeance is mine said the Lord"
      Towards tyrants
      So we're instantly even
      But somehow I must tame my temper
      Keep my temperature balanced
      And tap my tiny stash of patience
      Much easier said then done
      Even though
      In the face of a foe
      I'd stand rather than run
      Rather retaliate with a plan and gun
      Gather the sum
      Of all fears
      Then subtract the total number of accumulated tears
      To calculate the amount of misspent years
      With a monkey wrench in my gears
      And a devil and an angel placing a bug in both ears
      Therefore feeling volatile and angry is so familiar
      Strangely similar
      To the cold of December
      And memories to cold to remember
      Yesteryear feels as near as yesterday
      Close enough to recall what I was wearing
      If I allow the beef to fester me away
      By constantly reliving each and everyday
      As if it were the very day
      When I was standing in the rain swearing
      Not believing what I was actually seeing
      My eyes must be deceiving
      While trying to catch my bearings
      Staring at something bearing
      A glaring resemblance to betrayal
      And it hurt
      And it remained with me
      Even at work
      Soul stained with dirt
      Needed some dry cleaning
      So I went to church
      To search
      For the answer to my humble question:
      `How do I alleviate this aggression?'
      Apparently by my written and verbal expression,
      While sometimes smitten by herbal elevation,
      Is medication for depression
      Mediating my pain's regression
      I, while meditating in times of reflection,
      Began mitigating my dirty laundry
      Which increases my predilection
      At the pace of my emotional cancer's recession
      Then it dawned on me that my quirky quandary
      Was a multiple-choice answer/question
      I had to make a selection
      With no equivocation
      Either live in recollection
      And be a subject to previous predication
      Or evolve in a forward future bound direction
      With only a minor dissection
      Of past learned lessons
      If only by finer detection of the clue collection
      To do inspections
      Which reveal the application
      Used in solving "future dilemmas"
      With similar solutions produced while resolving earlier enigmas
      Unleashing this "V"
      This Vendetta
      This Vindictiveness
      This Vengeance
      This Vindication
      By releasing me

      The letter "V"
      Stands for Victory

      5:56 A.M.

      "Those who live eye for an eye will end up one eyed. Two eyes is
      better than one, but I guess one eye is better than none. Especially
      if it's your third eye."

      "Glory Given to the Holy Trinity for Blessing Me With The Talent to
      Express Myself in Writing...And Credit Also be Given, to my Earth Angel Who
      Constantly Inspires Me"
      "Happy New Year" --Trinity

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