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1561Whitney and Bobby Houston...yea i said it!

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  • mscrissmiss
    Oct 1, 2006
      We all know how in love Bobby and Whitney has been with one another
      over the years...14years of marriage...DRUGS did not make them
      part...cause its one of the things they shared together...Bobby has
      been accused of infidelity over the years...but now that the Vixen has
      come out and by the way she has been "promoting" her book for quite
      sometime...i was in NY recently and she was on Wendy's show promoting
      the book...Vixen claims to have had a 6 month affair with Bobby...my
      information has come from Access Granted and the Wendy Williams
      show...Does anyone out there really believe that these two are going
      to stay apart?...Whitney seems very upset...she has asked for Full and
      Total custody of Bobby Christina...